34. Gloria, Gloribel, Globerlys

Venezuela, Los Teques, 50 - 20 - 18 years old, religion: catholic
Gift received: June 18, 2007

Gloria lives in Amazonas district of Venezuela, near Puerto Ayacucho. She was born in San Carlos de Rio Negro, but moved during her childhood up North nearby Puerto Aycucho. She was a kindergarden teacher, and is now with the age of 50 already retired.

Her two daughters were born in Caracas, crew up near Puerto Ayacucho and live now for the time of their studies in Los Teques, near Caracas. Gloribel is studying Systems Engineering, and Globerlys is doing technical studies of Computer Engineering.

Gift: Rain stick
Rain stick

Rain stick

Gift given: June 18, 2007

The rain stick (palo de lluvia) is a traditional indigeneous mean for calling the rain. It is from the Amazonas region of Venezuela, and stands for the connection between us humans and the nature.

Nature is very important to everyone of us, as without it we humans would not and could not exist. Unfortunately, many humans are forgetting about this close relation, this interdependence between nature and its inhabitants. We all should realize that nature is as equal to us as any other human, culture, country, and continent. We should value, respect, care about, and improve our nature. Keep our nature in a good condition!

How we met Gloria, Gloribel, Globerlys

Gloria together with her brother gave us a lift from a control point of Guardia Nacional, about 40km South of Puerto Paez, in Amazonas district of Venezuela until Caugua, Aragua district of Venezuela. We went 10 hours on the back of their truck until Caugua, from where we went to Los Teques because Gloria invited us to stay with her and her two daughters Gloribel and Globerlys.