Patricia and Jorge

Connection #5

Patricia and Jorge

5. Patricia and Jorge

Mexico, Chicxulub, both about 60 years old (religion: catholic)
Gift received: February 01, 2006

Patricia and Jorge decided to enjoy their life by living in a small and a quiet place directly in front of the sea. Jorge has had a very stressful life - four different university degrees (law in business and administration. computation and others), working in different areas.

He achieved a lot in his life and now wants to enjoy the rest of his life. Jorge still works for supporting the fishermen in Puerto Progresso region. Patricia has studied different arts and worked with many fashion projects (clothes). She is very talented artist and thus about 2 years ago Patricia designed the dresses for a show about Mayan history in Paris for 60\'000 people. She is now active in producing local handicrafts, such as souvenirs for tourists, in order to support poor people in Chicxulub village and neighbouring regions. She collects a lot of shells and, even though most of them are partly broken, she uses them for making religious figures and soap dishes, which you cannot miss buying, because of their pure beauty.

Gift: Ceramic decoration with a frog image
Ceramic decoration with a frog image

Ceramic decoration with a frog image

Gift given: January 29, 2006

Patricia's and Jorge's gift expresses their open hearts to new people they meet in their life. One of them were us - two strangers who camped in front of their windows.

How we met Patricia and Jorge

Already when explaining our "Connect the world" idea to Jorge and Patricia, their eyes were shining brightly. It seemed that after showing the gift no more words were needed to cause their immediate will to continue our chain of connected people in the world. When receiving the frog, Jorge quickly replied "Do you know what? This house loves frogs!" and then both initiated us in the amazing truth that the gift landed in a house called "The Frog House"! It was a fascinating atmosphere caused by such warm-hearted persons and a great coincidence.