Elvira and Isidro

Connection #10

Elvira and Isidro

10. Elvira and Isidro

Belize, Corozal, Elvira (48) and Isidro (79)
Gift received: March 26, 2006

Elvira and Isidro live in the their yellow wooden house with five children in the Corozal town. On the way to the candle-lightened bathroom in the backyard one will meet chickens and turkeys, as well as a stove made of stones and heated by wood.

All of them are happy and hospitable people, offering everything they can. The family believes when they help others, God helps them. They love to give and share whatever they have got.

Dunya, one of their daughters, was always up to make a closer contact to us. She is about 18 years old, studies in the college and works by night in a restaurant. Dunya is a very open-minded and funny girl, speaks out loud what she thinks and gets other peoples ideas in a second.

Gift: Gift box, ring and bracelet.
Gift box, ring and bracelet.

Gift box, ring and bracelet.

Gift given: March 06, 2006

The box, the ring and the bracelet Dunya received two years ago in December during her birthday. It was given by the woman financing her college. The lid of the box has a purple color. The main part is decorated with light colors and flowers. The box contains a transparent amber color plastic bracelet with thick dark-blue raindrops inside. The sky-blue heart-shaped plastic ring has a white ornament and a small golden chain inside.

Together with her gift Dunya wants to transfer the love and care she had given to this little present in the last two years. She hopes that the next person (the receiver) will take as much care about the items as she did and treat them with love and honour.

How we met Elvira and Isidro

The whole family (without father Isidro) was gathered around when transferring the gift. They were very happy about the gift and the fact that they thus joined our chain of connected people.

Only the mother had difficulties to understand the whole idea. Her children managed to make the idea clear to her. Though she was happy, she was worried about a new gift, which could continue the chain of connected people. Thus, she asked, "Is it enough if we BUY a gift tomorrow?".

After a big explanation round together with her children she understood that she does not have to buy anything, but is free to give anything small that means something to her. Still, she had no idea what that could be. Her daughters were then up to search a new gift in return. They came up with a similar item like the gift they received before. We repeated that they do not have to give anything, and if it does not have to be the same (what is often misunderstood) but a small item, which is really close to their hearts. We were concerned to make them understand that the gift should be something that they give with all their love, something that reminds them a certain moment in their life, or just comes to their mind when thinking about transferring a message. We gave a lot of examples what it could be just to make it - at last ;) - clear.

Finally, they understood and daughter Dunya handed us a new gift ;)