Stephanie Mills

Connection #44

Stephanie Mills

44. Stephanie Mills

Chile, San Pedro de Atacama, 23 years old, no religion
Gift received: May 22, 2008

Stephanie is of Swiss-English origin. She grew up in Switzerland, did an apprenticeship as a bank clerk, and worked in a Swiss bank for three years. Since her passion are horses, she quit her job, dedicating her life momentarily to working with horses. After spending a year in Spain, she was offered a position in San Pedro de Atacama. Stephanie started in March 2008 and intends to stay for 2 years.

Stephanie is a wonderful person. She is caring, extremely hospitable, and owns a great humor. We could talk for hours, both about serious and funny topics. Life is a gift, and Stephanie knows how to take it. She is grateful for what she has, and no matter what conditions (work or privately) she is supposed to have, she accepts things the way they are and arranges her life accordingly. Stephanie inspired us with her words, and with her actions.

Gift: Stone from Switzerland and a necklace with stone
Stone from Switzerland and a necklace with stone

Stone from Switzerland and a necklace with stone

Gift given: May 18, 2008

Although I am still young (23) I have some veracities which prove their efficiency in my life until today! One of their biggest is truth. This taught me already my parents, and my journeys and life confirmed it.

Search the truth in each moment, in each situation, in each person; bring this truth into your heart and look after it. Although life does not always seem easy, remember that each stone which you overcome on your way is part of your own life; it makes you who you are and lets you continue. Look ahead with the past in your heart. Life teaches you everything. Walk through it with open eyes and an open heart. In this way you certainly will get happy!!!

How we met Stephanie Mills

We were searching for a job in different Latin American countries, offering also to program websites (Augustas). We received few response. One of them was from Stephanie, asking if we could come to San Pedro de Atacama to program a website for Atacama Horse Adventure, a tourist agency making horse rides in the desert. We came and from the first moment Stephanie, though employee and not boss, took care about us during our whole stay in town.