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Erika Kunn

Connection #56

Erika Kunn

56. Erika Kunn

Argentina, Buenos Aires, 27 years old, religion: n/a
Gift received: October 26, 2008

Erika is from Estonia and came to Buenos Aires for a volunteer work which will last for one year. She did not speak a word spanish when she arrived, but at the time meeting her (4 months had passed) she was able to communicate what she wanted - with words, hands, and feet. Erika is full of happiness and energy, loving to express her inner feelings with the outfit she wears. She loves travelling by hitch-hiking and has done so many times back in Europe. In Argentina Erika joined Autostop Argentina where she met lots of open-minded travelers with whom she has fun exploring Argentina in other ways than usual tourists. Planning is something unlike to do for Erika. She is very spontaneous and thinks small when packing her backpack. This resulted for example once in Europe in a two weeks trip where she was freezing terribly and steadily hungry, simply because a proper preparation for her trip was not done. Another example was the hitch-hikers meeting itself, where she ended up with only sandals, because even the one pair of socks she had taken had disappeared. By rain all day long and temperatures around 12 degrees Celcius, it was not the most pleasant. Her strongest characteritic in such situations though is that she never complains. She accepts the situation as it is and instead of mourning over what she does not have or did not take, she is happy being there, laughing and truly enjoying every second of this new experience. Her open way of hospitality which we experienced as well as her ability to share anything she has - and if it's the last piece of bread - were deeply appreciated by us.

Gift: Self-made bookmarker and tiny tic-tac-toe game
Self-made bookmarker and tiny tic-tac-toe game

Self-made bookmarker and tiny tic-tac-toe game

Gift given: October 28, 2008

"Sometimes I hurry and think that I will not reach my destiny, and I forget that the destiny is now and present." J. Lennon

The society's trend to capitalism makes many forget that there is much more in life than earning, having, and spending money. Re-used, re-shaped, or free "things" own a much greater value than one might imagine. Happiness is not far away, so I suggest you to try, and you will find true happiness and freedom.

How we met Erika Kunn

Mid of October 2008 we participated in a meeting of the Argentinian hitch-hikers community "Autostop Argentina". During the meeting we became friends, and thus Erika invited us to stay with her in Buenos Aires before taking our plane to Europe at the end of October. We enjoyed three wonderful days with her and her room-mate Su in an apartment with an unlocked door standing always wide open.