Feli(z)pe Costabal

Connection #53

Feli(z)pe Costabal

53. Feli(z)pe Costabal

Chile, Santiago de Chile, 25 years old, religion: catholic
Gift received: August 06, 2008

Felizpe created his very own name. Born as Felipe, once he understood that happiness is his way of life, he called himself Feli-z-pe, since "feliz" means "happy" in Spanish.

Felizpe is a musician by heart, dedicating all his life to it. He specialized on playing the flute, and makes himself bamboo flutes with wonderful designs. He is in his last year of music studies, and teaches music to pupils. Felizpe loves the simple way of life, where love and freedom, but not money is important. He is happily enjoying the company of his 84 year old grandmother, whom on the other hand is content to have him in her house. Both make a great couple, especially because they share the same kind of humor, and are very active people. While Felizpe dedicates nearly all his time to study, play, and teach music, his grandmother runs around cleaning the house, making delicious jams and selling them to all her friends and neighbours, working in the garden, and creating lots of woolen handicrafts.

Gift: Composition for flute "Leño y profundo" (Full and Deep)
Composition for flute "Leño y profundo" (Full and Deep)

Composition for flute "Leño y profundo" (Full and Deep)

Gift given: August 10, 2008

With the time one learns that all that life has to offer or show is infinitely fragile. Thus clinging to things or situations is practically useless. In the way in which things are presenting themselves, they transform. Where exists a beginning, exists an end. A sound is followed by silence. The transformations and contrasts are part of our life, and it is recommendable to learn accepting them. And vary with them. It is for this that the moment has power. Not before, nor afterwards. In each minute things are created as well as they break.

How we met Feli(z)pe Costabal

While we were staying with Julio en La Serena, we made a weekend trip to el Valle de Elqui. In an artisan village near to Horcon we were invited by a wonderful family to stay with them for two days. Felizpe was staying right at this time also with the family, telling us the story that when he came seven years ago to Valle de Elqui, he met the family in the same way, and now they are close friends. We later were invited to stay with Felizpe in Santiago, where he originally lives, and enjoyed about a week with him and his grandmother in a beautiful house in the middle of Santiago.