Anita and Federico

Connection #45

Anita and Federico

45. Anita and Federico

Argentina, Salta, 33 (f) and 28 (m) years old, religion: catholic
Gift received: June 15, 2008

Anita was born and raised in Salta. Her passion is psychology, which initially she wanted to study. Since she was adviced for her own safety not to study psychology, she choose business administration. It proved the right decision since Anita loves to restructure or set up company systems. Besides her work she invests a lot of time into her private life. Anita loves to care about her family and friends, and passionately takes care about cooking and household. When asked, she said that her future lays in family life. Anita is a happy, calm person who has an immense knowledge about history and religion. It was repeatedly astonishing how much she knew about topics that came up by pure coincidence. Anita is like an almanach, worth keeping in your circle of friends if you are keen in learning about past times and what lays behind words and facts.

Federico was born in Serillos, a town about 15km South of Salta. For many years he lives in Salta, dedicating his life to business, football, and his 1,5 year old son. Fede, as he is mostly called, is a real workaholic. He searches business in everything, and takes every possible chance to realize other works beside his main job. He is working for an association of Argentinian engineers, sells second hand sportswear from the US, and programs websites. He is a dedicated father, spending at least two hours a day playing with his son. Whenever Federico can, he organizes meetings with friends, especially if it is about football. His passion for Saltas football club Boca seems having made him famous, because whenever Federico goes out he for sure meets at least one person he knows personally. He is in steady movement and hardly finds enough time to sleep. He lives his life to the fullest, using every free moment for activities like visiting concerts or football games. Federico also loves travelling, and from what we have learned about him, he really knows what he wants. Above all he values family life and his friends a lot, especially if someone is in need. No matter how tired he is after all these activities, he dedicates enough time to his wonderful girlfriend Anita.

Gift: Book The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coehlo
Book The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coehlo

Book The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coehlo

Gift given: June 23, 2008

From Anita
Dear friends: With these lines I would like to give you a small piece of my soul, which let's me come to following story: "Pandora, a princess from the ancient Greece, received a mysterious box, a gift sent by the jealous Beauty Gods. They told her never to open the gift. But one day, dominated by curiosity and tentation, Pandora lifted the top of the box spying inside and thus freeing the great afflictions of the world: illness, pain, insanity, antipathy... Gods compassion made her allow to close the box at the right time in order to catch the only antidote able to make lifes miseries bearable: HOPE!

Never lose hope, since it is an incredible powerful tool in life. Hope means believing strongly in having yourself the will and the means for reaching your goals, your dreams...

Believe, always the power which created us, in the process of life and in yourself.

From Federico
"There are moments in which the misfortune interrupts unavoidably our life. This happens for a certain reason. It is then when we are asking us: Why does it have to happen to me? Before the inevitable some are left discouraged, but others nevertheless become stronger and the most wise will learn."

I wanted to start these lines with a fragment which you will read in the teachings given in this book written by ingenious Paulo Coelho, and which today comes to your hands through the two wonderful persons Katy and Augus.

For me and Any this gift occured to us for sharing the important: valuable above Paulo's lines along our lives like a couple and just like a future family.

I hope it will serve you equally like us.

How we met Anita and Federico

About a week before we were heading to Argentina, we sent a message to the forum of, a website of and for Argentinian hitchhikers. Unexpectedly fast we received a message from Federico, saying he lives in Salta and we could stay with him as long as we want. Astonished and happy we arrived in Salta, and were hosted by Federico as if we were part of his family. His girlfriend Anita cared for us in all possible ways, if arranging a free of charge dental treatment, organizing the participation in family events, cooking for us, or accompanying us in town and at home.