Family Velazquez Lopez

Connection #16

Family Velazquez Lopez

16. Family Velazquez Lopez

Guatemala, Barillas (religion: adventist)
Gift received: September 16, 2006

The family Velazquez Lopez lives together in a pleasant situated house at the end of Barillas city. They are very religious, offering space and time for those being interested in practising their religion. Every thursday they prepare a special event for adventists in their house. Their garden is huge, going steep uphill where a couple of cows are enjoying their life. Every morning they go to get fresh cow milk.

Gift: Mekapal (head belt), apron, and a small table rug
Mekapal (head belt), apron, and a small table rug

Mekapal (head belt), apron, and a small table rug

Gift given: September 16, 2006

We must love us like brothers and should know to pardon one another when we are offended. We should not keep resentment. Life is valuable and nothing can be compared with the greatnesses that God has given to us. To be humble of heart allows to demonstrate the love of God.

May this message be of blessing for you and the people with whom you coexist.

How we met Family Velazquez Lopez

Receiving the message brought tears into the eyes of the grandmother. She was touched deep in her heart, and told about the importance of believing in God. She gave us examples of histories written in the bible having a certain meaning then and today.