Rose and Maji

Connection #30

Rose and Maji

30. Rose and Maji

United States, Las Esperanzas town near San Isidro, 63 and 59 years old, religion: none
Gift received: April 03, 2007

Rose, born in 1943, is a retired microbiologist, who ones was married to a Croatian, with whom she adopted a daughter (who was given birth by her girlfriend after being raped). For six years Rose is enjoying the role as a grandmother. Rose is very special. She is a true nature lover, being outside working the earth from sunrise to sunset. Rose relationship to plants and animals is very deep. She likes to do her work "on the go", but still organises all the work that has to be done on Earth Rose Farm, a 45 acre land. Her dream is to one day live in a big self-sustaining community on Earth Rose Farm.

Maji, born in 1949, is a true free spirit, not dedicating his life to anything else than to enjoy it. He never really worked in a sense of 9/5. Maji worked to finance his lifestyle, which consisted of participating in Rainbow gatherings, travelling, hitch-hiking, partying, talking, spiritual practices, poetry... Maji "is not made for physical work", he loves to communicate, to draw the attention of every single human in the world. He is blooming like a spring flower when surrounded by people, giving speeches and inventing poems right there. Maji dreams of a self-sustained community, too, aiming to bring lots of motivation to the participants of Earth Rose Farm project, and giving work shops for deepening the real understanding of being.

Rose and Maji met in March 2003 over a dating site on the Internet. During Thanksgiving 2003 they married and live since then together in the US. They have three dogs to care about, which are Rose' puppies. Since April 2006 they both try to realize Rose's vision and their dream of an organic, permacultural farm in Costa Rica.

Gift: Natural necklace and delicati winter squash seeds
Natural necklace and delicati winter squash seeds

Natural necklace and delicati winter squash seeds

Gift given: April 01, 2007

Sharing symbolizes the bond between people when a gift is passed from one person to another. The necklace was made by a Costa Rican of seeds, wood and bone from Costa Rica. We would like to give this necklace for sharing our love for this with nature blessed country in Central America.

The seeds where brought to Costa Rica from our home in Florida. They are Delicati Winter Squash. They have a hard outer shell that becomes soft when boiled or baked. The flesh is orange, not stringy and very sweet. This squash is an heirloom, a pure strain (not a hybrid) and the seeds will produce the same fruits. The preservation and sharing of pure strains supports nature and assures that these varieties will be available for future generations. I hope you will plant them in your garden, save the seeds for future plantings and share the seeds with your family and friends.

How we met Rose and Maji

Being subscribed to the CostaRicaCaravan mailing list, we received information about Rose and Maji's new bought farm in Las Esperanzas, near San Isidro in Costa Rica in April 2006. Since Rose and Maji could not stay in Costa Rica during the rainy season (Mai - November) they were searching a couple of helpers to stay at the farm while they were gone. We offered to work on Earth Rose Farm during the rainy season in 2006, but due to our lack of farming knowledge, we agreed it would be better to visit the farm when Rose and Maji are back. Since this year we arrived by boat to Panama, we decided to head up North to finally visit Earth Rose Farm. We stayed with Rose and Maji for 10 days in March 2007.


  1. Abba Johnnes says:

    I am a 63 year old NYer living in Cabuya. A few of us are getting together to create a community garden for many reasons, none of them selfish. Somebody told me about your farm. I’d like to do an internship for three months maybe longer to learn about permaculture. For 37 years I was building in NYC and upstate NY near Woodstock in the Catskills. My home base was Rosendale which you may or may not have heard of. My cell # is 8507-6878.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

  2. glowing feather maji says:

    On a good noter the farm is doing great. We are taking care of our 11 year old granddaughter and of course Rose is there we are ahving a great winter this year 2013 will be wonderful time on ERFarm congrads on your life & love hope all is well

  3. Maji says:

    So sorry to hear you have fallen victim to his lies and deceit. We were married and had a son, 34 years ago. He has not paid 1 cent in child support and has left his son since infancy. When a true man brings a child into the world, he handles his responsibility to care for the child. Maji can fool you once. But always know he is waiting to scam you……next.

    • glowing feather maji says:

      Sour grapes lost love for now after 35 years of not seeing each other yous till hld on to half the story. It takes two to make love work and two to screw up . You had a wonderful life with John and had two more children . You & Ua had a;lways home & acess to a good lifestyle. Nothing you can say or do can stop the lvoe and the light we have shared on our farm which has nothing to do with you. Our soin Ua will be on the Trustr for the farm if he ever wnat s to come and live here. I hope you can make peace with me before either of us passes from this world. i will always in all ways love you but of course you conter with what you will. Blessing on you & yours lady Maji. I talked to denny and he told me your secrets you kept from me…its nice to blame but really take a look within yourself also.