Oscar David Alarico Zeballos

Connection #40

Oscar David Alarico Zeballos

40. Oscar David Alarico Zeballos

Peru, Angoteros, 30 years old, religion: catholic
Gift received: February 07, 2008

Oscar is originally from Tacna, the most southern town of Peru. Surgeon is his profession. He came in December 2007 to Angoteros dedicating 2 years of his life to the indigenous population of the village and inhabitants living in the surroundings. He works there as a doctor for everything, and when nothing happens during the day, he enjoys spending his time in front of his laptop, communicating with the outer world. His humor is great, and his attitude to always smile and be happy is truly inspiring.

Gift: Book of Gratitude
Book of Gratitude

Book of Gratitude

Gift given: February 08, 2008

I think that for some reason God creates our lifes each time a bit shorter; shorter for being with our families, with our friends, and with all persons we appreciate. If only we all could understand this small detail and make our short lifes really worthwhile. Many times we are discontent about things that happen to us and we say that we do not have what we deserve. But do we ever think and appreciate what we really have? Nearly never!!!...

I think that our object in life is to search with all our desire for happiness. To be honest, this is not near as easy because this happiness we cannot buy, nor rent or borrow from anyone. Yet true happiness we find only within ourselves, the one which gives our lifes a sense. This is the reason why each day left in our lifes, we should search for what really fills us with joy. This way we will live our lifes the way God wanted. And once you part from this life you will be able to put on a big smile and be sure that you have found what you were always searching for. BEING HAPPY.

How we met Oscar David Alarico Zeballos

In Angoteros, a small village along the Rio Napo (North of Peru), we met Oscar who offered us to stay in his former room provided by the medical center of the village. Oscar was great company, giving hints about traditions in this Quechua community, as well as enabling our first Internet connection so far along Rio Napo.