Dalia and Craig Adams

Connection #63

Dalia and Craig Adams

63. Dalia and Craig Adams

Australia, Esperance, WA, 35 and 47 years old, religion: catholic (non-practicing)
Gift received: December 18, 2010

Dalia is of Lithuanian origin, has lived for several years in the UK, and immigrated to Australia about 8 years ago. Upon her arrival in Australia she lived in the countryside near Esperance, West Australia, before moving into the city. Now she is working together with her husband Craig in his restaurant called Ocean Blues. Dalia is interested in astrology and spirituality, is keen on natural child rearing and healthy eating, and holds a 2nd degree in Reiki, which she uses foremost for self-healing.

Craig is Australian born, and has travelled a fair lot around the world, including Europe. He has lived in many different parts of Australia and the world, as well as in Japan, which is among his favourite countries. His profession is being a Chef. In comparison to his great expertise in all fields of cooking, now in his restaurant Ocean Blues in Esperance, which he runs and owns for 5 years, he isn't challenged too much. He loves creative cooking, inventing recipes, and experimenting with new flavours - all of which is challenging to implement in rather conservative Esperance. Sometimes, though, he succeeds. Photography is his passion, which he lives to its heights in every situation. Another of Craig's passion is the sea. Whenever time allows him, he recharges his energies in the refreshing waves.

Dalia and Craig are keen on good coffee, and up-to-date on the best varieties worldwide as well as the best preparation for a coffee to remember for ages. Their main focus in life though is Stella, their 16 months old daughter, which seems to know exactly what she wants - and what not.

Gift: Tiny bottle of Raganaite*
Tiny bottle of Raganaite*

Tiny bottle of Raganaite*

Gift given: December 26, 2010

Every single day is magical. Find the magic in your day and embrace it.

I believe life is magical. Just look around you: people, good deeds, achievements, smells, tastes, feelings - the list is endless. Therefore: Don't ever think you had a boring old day because it is simply not true.

[*Raganaite means "Little Witch" in Lithuanian.]

How we met Dalia and Craig Adams

Augustas is always interested in meeting Lithuanians living around the world. In browsing through a forum, where Lithuanians help each other with advises on living in Australia, he found Dalia. He dared getting in touch with her, and the result was our 10 day stay in their house in Esperance, where we met personally for the first time, and a beautiful Lithuanian Christmas celebration together.


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