Exequiel and Gisela

Connection #43

Exequiel and Gisela

43. Exequiel and Gisela

Chile, Pica town, 38 and 40 years old, religion n/a
Gift received: May 08, 2008

Exequiel works for several years in the municipality radio of Pica. At times he takes on contracts for working in a minery, his main work field. Exequiel is originally from Antofagasta, but since his grandparents are from Pica, he says that there has always been a connection to this town for him.

Gisela was born and raised in Pica. Her main field of work is sales, which she usually does in big style during festivals in the area. Since this brings income only periodically, she started realizing her dream of having an old-style cafe with renting their new house. Although still lots of work is waiting ahead, Gisela and Exequiel hope to make their future living out of it.

Their children are "el sol y la luna" (the sun and the moon) for Gisela and Exequiel. Daugther Nicola (18) is about to finish her tourism studies in Pica and looking forward to move to Iquique for physical studies. Darjhan (5), their son, is still in preschool and most enjoys any kind of activity, no matter if it leads to injury (what fairly often happens) or not.

Gift: Selfmade handicraft made of jacaranda flowers and leaves
Selfmade handicraft made of jacaranda flowers and leaves

Selfmade handicraft made of jacaranda flowers and leaves

Gift given: May 10, 2008

Keep a free and healthy spirit about anything. If you have a chance, travel to learn more about other cultures, since this will improve your life. Remember all our strength is in ourselves and there is always somebody who takes care about us.

How we met Exequiel and Gisela

When arriving in Pica we went straight towards the local radio station, hoping to send out a request for accomodation. While writing down our request, Exequiel, the radio moderator, said, "Wait! I think I can host you in my place. I just have to talk back to my wife." Exequiel and Gisela both received us with open arms and let us stay for 2 nights in their house.