Diego Nunez Binfa

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Diego Nunez Binfa

50. Diego Nunez Binfa

Chile, Copiapo, 24 years old, religion: non-practicing catholic
Gift received: July 14, 2008

Diego is an Adventure Guide, currently working in the family business, which is a supply and repair shop for bicycles. He loves the outdoor, especially mountains and desert, as well as travelling.

Diego together with his whole family are very hospitable. They understand a travellers needs from the first moment, offering the basics like washing clothes, taking a shower, enabling to use anything in the kitchen, and simply offering help in any possible way. They invite strangers in their house, making them part of their family during their stay. Though they are not able to travel as much as they want, they live the philosophy of opening the door to any passer-by. They have had uncountable foreigners in their house, enjoying the personal enrichment and knowledge other cultures bring into their lives.

Additionally, they are completely in love with the animal world. Besides sharing their house with foreigners, they host two dogs, 4 cats, and 3 turtles. Their care for animals is not limited to their own, which they took in from the streets. Their efforts to make lonely street dogs feel loved and fed sufficiently is significant. Diegos mom even meant, "If I see a begging dog and a begging human in the same street, I would definitely go for helping the dog because the human choose this life himself, but the dog is punished to accept whatever he can get."

Gift: Olive oil from Copiapo
Olive oil from Copiapo

Olive oil from Copiapo

Gift given: July 15, 2008

My grandmother says, "When you open your door and let a foreigner sit on your table, somewhen, in the present or future, someone will open other doors for you or a being that you love."

How we met Diego Nunez Binfa

We contacted Diego one day before we headed to Copiapo through CouchSurfing.com and he invited us straight away.