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Genevieve Daley

Connection #62

Genevieve Daley

62. Genevieve Daley

Australia, Bunbury, 38 years old, religion: catholic
Gift received: November 27, 2010

Genevieve is a firework of creativity. Born in the desert town of Exmouth (North-West-Australia), she made the sewing machine her most important companion quite early in life. Since childhood she is creating dresses and sells them on markets or during festivals in West Australia. Her dream of having children was so strong that right after receiving her art degree at Curtin University she began dedicating her life to her family and childrearing. Now she has five children, and her belief in a healthy lifestyle made her grow her own food. Besides she is maintinging the Avocado farm she has inherited together with her husband.

A couple of years ago she finally pursued one of her most precious dreams of having an own art gallery in Bunbury. Her gallery named UNSUNK FUNK hosts a huge collection of different local artists, which inspire and impress her. The items include clothes, jewellery, paintings, handicrafts of any kind, antiques... as well as her own vintage dresses, of which each is a unique model. She also offers second hand clothes, which she turns into unique style garments. Genevieve about herself: "If I'm not creating something, I'm dead". This might very well explain, why she is "always busy".

Gift: Painting print "Full Moon over the Village" by John Hay
Painting print "Full Moon over the Village" by John Hay

Painting print "Full Moon over the Village" by John Hay

Gift given: December 04, 2010

Sometimes I wonder who I am. More often I wonder what I am. - How existentialist. Soooo 80's!, which is exactly how I get inspired to create. Just a tad addicted to sewing I am, and in love with wot the universe provides. Love life. Love people.

How we met Genevieve Daley

The day we decided to leave Perth, we had to wait for our friend ... to finish working. We used the time to stroll around ... area, where we happened upon a funny busker named Guy. He had red-blond, tousled hair, huge artificial plastic ears on top of his, a dress reminding the tales of Pippi Langstrumpf, and a range of mouth organs, with which he choose to entertain passer-bys. We loved his appearance at first sight, expressed our joy about his art in coins, and shared food with him. We got to talk a bit, and before we left he said, "If you ever pass Bunbury, please visit Genevieve and give her a big hug from me." With Genevieve's direction in our hand we headed of first to Australind, and a day later arrived in Bunbury. Here we delivered the hug, which resulted in a prompt invitation to stay at Genevieve's gallery in the midst of Bunbury.