Silca and Angela

Connection #28

Silca and Angela

28. Silca and Angela

Panama, Pedasi town, 47 and 12 years old, religion: catholic
Gift received: March 14, 2007

Silca crew up in Panama City and - finding her husband in Pedasi - she moved back there, as it was where her family came from. Now she is living in Pedasi with two of her three children, a 12year old girl and a 16year old boy. For 18 years she is working in the shop of her in-laws. She works seven days a week, without weekend nor vacations. Silca loves Pedasi and would not want to go back to live in Panama City.

Her husband is currently working for the former Panamanian president (a woman who is living herself near Pedasi). His newest order is to bring a sailing vessel from Costa Rica down to Panama for her.

Gift: Little stuffed dog
Little stuffed dog

Little stuffed dog

Gift given: March 15, 2007

Silca's daughter Angela wishes to have nothing more than a little dog. She even did without a birthday present because there should be only one important thing in her life: a dog she can care about. The stuffed dog helped her while waiting for a real one. Though she still has not got any, she decided to send her best friend to connect her with the next person in our chain of humanity.

Her little stuffed dog is bringing wishes of love, brotherhood, support in sad moments, success, and above all health.

How we met Silca and Angela

We were hitch-hiking from Las Tablas to Pedasi and Silca, together with her daughter Angela and her friend, picked us up. She offered us to stay in our tent right beside her house, helping us with all necessities like bathroom, shower, etc.