Connection #32


32. Carolina

Honduras, San Francisco village (near San Marco de Colon), 27 years old, religion: catholic
Gift received: May 01, 2007

Carolina loves to communicate and is well-known in the village, as everybody is welcome to pass by her house. Carolina moved a couple of years ago back to her parents' house, opened up the first and only Internet cafe in her village (which she already sold), is starting a food selling business with her mother directly from out of their house, and is still searching the one to fall in love with. Carolina does not fit in the traditional village life, where women have to serve men, but she loves the calmness she is surrounded by. She lived many years in the city, but she realized that her happiness depends on nature and close relationship with her family and friends.

Gift: Two empty jars filled with fruits of the Holy Spirit
Two empty jars filled with fruits of the Holy Spirit

Two empty jars filled with fruits of the Holy Spirit

Gift given: May 02, 2007

[The fruits of the Holy Spirit: Love, Peace, Pacience, Benignity, Gentleness...]

I wish we would keep in a chain of love, loving one another without knowing us, but always with a connection in our hearts. Giving thanks to God for health, which is the greatest richness we have on earth. We should not worry about getting rich, for a certain work position, or for a university degree. God wants us to be grateful for having the oportunity to walk along this earth, and we should make this walk a beautiful one, because once we close our eyes and are brought to the cemetery, we will be forgotten and none of our strengths will serve for nothing. Let us enjoy our life with all our problems and necessities. Let us love each other because nobody is responsible for our luck nor our problems.

How we met Carolina

Carolina, accompanied by her mother Rubia, picked us up. They were on the way back to their village, about 10 km before the Nicaraguan border. Within a short time Carolina invited us to stay in their house, which we happily accepted.