Connection #17


17. Edgar

Guatemala, Morazan, 54 years old (religion: none)
Gift received: September 20, 2006

Edgar is working as a supervisor for a Guatemalan road building company. He guides his workers in five different regions of Guatemala. Edgar lives normally in Palin, a small town South of Guatemala capital. After every two weeks of working he gets off for a couple of days, which he uses for family trips outside of his hometown.

Gift: Sewing kit
Sewing kit

Sewing kit

Gift given: September 20, 2006

In front of God we are all equal. The different colours of sewing thread, which the kit contains, stand for the different cultures, colours of nations, languages, ways of life etc. The same as thread is thread, no matter which attributes it has, humans are humans, and we are all here on earth for a certain reason, each having a certain task. We should be concerned about each other and give whatever we are able to. That way we will be blessed by God and receive what we deserve.

How we met Edgar

Edgar was very enthusiastic and immediately had an idea which gift he could give to continue our idea.