Joanna and Mike

Connection #20

Joanna and Mike

20. Joanna and Mike

Mexico, San Cristobal de las Casas, Joanna (20, religion: mormon) and Mike (25, religion: catholic)
Gift received: October 12, 2006

Joanna is from Tapachula, Mexico, and moved to San Cristobal for studying as an English language teacher. She works 5 days a week as an English teacher for small kids at the school. Mike is from Canada, living in Mexico for three years now. He is studying antropology and gives English language classes in the afternoons. Motita is sleeping the whole day, waiting for their "parents" to come home and entertain them.

Gift: Chocolate from Tapachula
Chocolate from Tapachula

Chocolate from Tapachula

Gift given: October 16, 2006

From Joanna's and Mike's letter:
We believe that everything is possible. You only have to think and realize it. And if you feel that you cannot realize it, be grateful for everything you have and do not think about what you are missing.

We are sending you Chocolate from Tapachula, the place where Joanna was born, for that you can prepare for yourself a hot Chocolatito for feeling and being with your ideas, your thoughts, and your dreams. We hope it helps to inspire you and to make you remember the incredibility life is about. Simply add hot water to the chocolate, and a bit sugar after your likeliness.

We hope you are well and that all your dreams come true.

How we met Joanna and Mike

We met Mike and Joanna in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. With short notice we contacted our friend Kjell from the, who could not host us, but found the wonderful couple Mike and Joanna for us to stay with. They appeared to be members of the same club as well. We were their first Hospitality Club guests. We enjoyed a great week with each other, cooking together, walking through the surroundings, sharing life experiences, history, and dreams. The most important was, of course, Motita, their little dog. Her charming character is incredibly strong, which made us rather do what she wanted than what she was supposed to do.