Connection #54


54. Manuel

Chile, San Felipe town, 28 years old, religion: none
Gift received: July 31, 2018

Manuel is environmental engineer and currently works in a security company. He loves mountain climbing and hiking and together with some friends he founded Manquecura club about 3 years ago. His sister Claudia is part of the club, too, thus usually both embark on adventures through the mysterious heights of Chile. Both of them love traveling, and nature is a very important part of their lives. They have been to many parts of Chile, especially in the South of the country, as well as in other South American countries.

They live in a small village about half way between San Felipe and Los Andes. Together with their parents they share a small, but truly homey house, in which Manuel and Claudia grew up. It seems to be their base for peace, the same as it occurred to us. While Manuel and Claudia spent about 3 hours a day with driving back and forth between Santiago and San Felipe, their mom is the caretaker of the house, and receives them daily with home-made food, prepared by her and her 93 year old mother. The grandmother loves talking, and enjoys a very regular way of life. Life can be so simple yet so beautiful, and this is exactly what we found once entering Manuel's house.

Gift: Badge of mountain club Manquecura
Badge of mountain club Manquecura

Badge of mountain club Manquecura

Gift given: August 14, 2008

Sometimes the mind and sight do not capture all; behind each thing exists a whole life, and for this the value of things is not in the time they last, but in the intensity in which they take place; for this reason exist unforgetable moments, unexplainable things, and incomparable persons.

I am a traveler, too. I have passed through many journeys and had the joy of getting to know people, who taught me that the beauty of life is in the simplicity of things.

My grandmother once said that we abandom our dreams because of fear to fail, or worse still, because of fear to succeed. Dear friend, the seasons are changing, and I hope it will not be very late for fulfilling your own dreams.

When a person understands his own ideas and feelings, it would be evident how you create your own reality. It is there where your freedom and your power live. If you reach that point you will see that you can convert yourself in the creator of your own life. If you succeed to understand this, you will have a life much closer to the place of which you are dreaming right now.

How we met Manuel

We got in touch with Manuel through We stayed with him and his family for a whole week, before embarking on our journey to Argentina. When we came back for a three day visit to Santiago area, we were hosted again by him.