Carmen and Eusebio Duran

Connection #36

Carmen and Eusebio Duran

36. Carmen and Eusebio Duran

Venezuela, La Fria town, 47 and 65 years old, religion: mormons
Gift received: July 01, 2007

The family Duran is an exceptional family. Consisting of its parents Eusebio and Carmen, they have 12 children - 7 daughters and 5 sons. Meanwhile they even have 12 grandchildren. The daily meeting place of the family is the parent's house. "Full house" is the most normal and appreciated thing they know. They love each other, and share lots of happiness and true understanding.

They are mormons by heart, living the word of God in its exact sense. Every monday evening a family meeting called "evening of games" takes place, to deepen the relations between all family members. During this get-together religious hymns are sung, which are followed by conversations about a certain bible topic choosen by the children. Then everybody explains his own experience concerning the bible topic, and afterwards different family games are played.

Father Eusebio is a mechanic, which managed over the years to set up the biggest scrap trade in La Fria. He buys old dammaged cars, and sells the still functioning parts second hand. One of his sons and his daughter Belkis are working there, too. The business he runs right in front of his house. Mother Carmen has worked enough with setting 8 of the 12 children into this world. She enjoys now the care and understanding of her children. The only children left at home are Belkis, Jessica (ballet dancer and musician), and Carmen (singer and musician).

Gift: Photo frame
Photo frame

Photo frame

Gift given: July 02, 2007

Like these hearts, which are gathered around the frame, we humans are special beings of God. We should unite our hearts in the whole world to a single one for being happy and living in peace. We should love each other the way God loves us. Life has a sense, which is being happy on this earth that God gave to us.

How we met Carmen and Eusebio Duran

When heading from Merida, Venezuela, towards Colombia, we got our last ride for the day until a town called La Fria in the Tachira region in Venezuela. We asked around where we could camp overnight, and were pointed to the municipality of La Fria. Soon after asking the first person in the municipality, a secretary started to take care about us. She arranged a friend from the church to pick us up, and let us camp in his garden. Arriving at that friend's house, we were immediately invited for dinner, and the family decided to accomodate us inside their house, in a huge and soft bed.