Doctor Hildo and Lucy

Connection #4

Doctor Hildo and Lucy

4. Doctor Hildo and Lucy

Mexico, Panaba, about 50 years old
Gift received: January 22, 2006

Hildo is a family doctor who treats all kind of diseases. He is also teaching chemistry, biology and ecology in the CECYTEY, a school which prepares within 3 years the pupils for the university. Besides all that he owns a big piece of land on which he together with his relatives they are holding cows. He is married to Lucy, a wonderful person and fantastic cook, has 4 children which are all studying in Merida (veterinarian, kindergarten teacher, archeologist and one in the preparation school interested in medicine).

From Domingo, his uncle, we were told that he is a very good man that is not interested in savings. Instead of living a comfortable life he spends his earnings on his children\'s education and on his farms. From all this we could convince ourselves within the length of our stay here. Though of his tight schedule he finds always time for a good word or even to come out to the farm when help is needed.

Gift: Frog made from clay
Frog made from clay

Frog made from clay

Gift given: January 23, 2006

The frog is one of the typical handicrafts made in the Yucatan region. As Lucy, the wife of Hildo, is collecting frogs and has already more than 100 of them, they choose one of her collection and give it with the meaning of luck concerning health, love, friendship and a good economical situation.

How we met Doctor Hildo and Lucy

Hildo at the beginning did not understand that the gift is for him. When being invited to lunch into his house, we spoke again about our "Connect the World" idea. Indeed, he did not understand the idea because he is also from the Yucatan region and those tradtions shown in the photos were very familiar to him.

Happily, we had the chance to explain him the whole idea again and together with his wife they handed us a small present to continue our chain of connected people ;)