Faustino Carlos and Renee Santa

Connection #46

Faustino Carlos and Renee Santa

46. Faustino Carlos and Renee Santa

Argentina, San Salvador de Jujuy, 68 (m) and 59 (f) years old, religion: catholic
Gift received: June 26, 2008

Faustino has dreamed all his life about travelling. When he was 35 he met his wife Renee (then 26), who worked together with him in agricultural projects. They married, and meanwhile raised six children. Since this was not a small family to take care off, Renee quit her job and dedicated her life to the childrens benefits. Only now, that most of their children have left the house, have finished a university career or are still studying, Renee has begun a distance study herself.

Faustino is agricultural engineer, working in different parts of the Northern regions Jujuy and Salta. He lives in a big house, and truly has given his family a stable life to grow in. What had to stay behind is travelling so far. Renee does not share his passion for journeys, and since harmony is very important in Faustinos life, he has favoured other activities to the pleasure of his family members.

Meeting us was a remarkable event in Faustinos life. Getting to know two guys who decided to leave stability, security, and amenities behind to discover the world in their own way, favouring especially the contact to locals, and not only tourist attractions, has certainly drawn him back to his dream of travelling. His keen interest in our way of life, his attention payed to all the incredible stories about people we met who changed and enriched their lives with realising their long felt dreams - no matter how old they were, and finally the gift we brought to him from Federico and Anita - all this might move his life into a direction which he might already have given up to take.

Gift: Book "Orar con Teresa de Calcuta"
Book "Orar con Teresa de Calcuta"

Book "Orar con Teresa de Calcuta"

Gift given: June 27, 2008

Through Katja and Augustas, luxurious courriers of a single chain, we send you this gift. We do not know if you profess any believe or if you are agnostic. The important is to know that some of the words in this small book will not leave you indifferent.

"Orar con Teresa de Calcuta" in English: "Praying with Mother Teresa of Calcutta"

How we met Faustino Carlos and Renee Santa

It was about 7pm while we were trying to hitch a ride in La Caldera, a small town about 90km North of Salta. We walked along the rows of cars stopping on the traffic light, showing each of them a sign where was written "Jujuy". After a long while trying to find a ride Faustino appeared and without hesitating stopped the car. He drove us all the way to Jujuy, intending to leave us on a gas station where we could continue our trip towards Chile. When arriving he found out that petrol was out, and before the morning nothing would be delivered, thus no cars would leave the gasstation neither. Faustino took about 10min off from our presence, talking long and intensive by phone. Finally, he showed up and said, "Let's go!" Augustas asked, "Where do we go?" "To my house", replied Faustino. He hosted us for one night, providing us with all we could wish for in that moment.