Connection #47


47. Audra

Chile, Santiago de Chile, 24 years old, religion: catholic
Gift received: July 02, 2008

Audra is from Lithuania. She studied Civil Engineering in Lithuania, and went to study abroad in Lyon, France, a couple of years ago. There she met Jose from Chile, who meanwhile is electronical engineer working for Siemens Chile. About 1.5 years ago Audra moved to Chile, where half year ago she signed up for Magister studies of Geotechnica at the University of Chile.

Audra is an open minded, happy person, who loves to laugh and tends to work hard to achieve her goals. She is truly dedicated to her studies, enjoying the opportunity to grow in knowledge, especially about minery. Since Lithuania does not have mines, she is grateful for being here.

Though, she would not like to live here forever. Audra and Jose are dreaming of moving to Europe once her Magister studies of Geotechnic finished in 2010. One of the main reasons for moving to Europe is their now 16 months old son Tomas. They wish to raise him over there, letting him grow with different values as those stressed in Chilean society.

Gift: Red scarf
Red scarf

Red scarf

Gift given: July 04, 2008

That you will never feel cold! For always having people at your side who love you and make you feel good!

How we met Audra

Augustas was searching for Lithuanians in Chile and found Audra through an Argentinian forum called After a couple of weeks email contact between each other, we asked Audra if we could stay with her in Santiago. Though her worries about the presence of their 16 months old son Tomas, since he is likely to occupy us fully, she invited us with open arms. When we finally arrived Tomas was on holidays with his grandparents. Though Audra was terribly busy with her exams, she did not hesitate a second to make us feel most comfortably and welcome.



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