Caribbean adventure ended up in Panama

March 7, 2007
Topics: Cuba, Panama

Originally written for neighbour In December last year we got a dream to sail the Caribbean Islands. We were lucky and found a trimaran with an English captain, and thus got from Mexico to the first Caribbean island – Cuba. Unfortunately, short before getting there this sailing boat broke down and the captain brought it alone over to Key West (Florida, US) for repairs. We had...[read more]

CUBA with low budget – a short guide

March 7, 2007
Topics: Cuba

In other countries we always hitch-hike and do not pay for accommodation, we cook ourselves using fuel-stove, we sleep in a tent or are invited to stay with local people. We have travelled in Cuba for few weeks and discovered several tricks to make the stay in this country as cheap as possible. To stay low budget is not easy, but possible. Money Before talking about other things, a short overview about...[read more]

“Half portion” in Panama City

March 5, 2007
Topics: Panama

Today we arrived to Panama City. This place looks more clean and organized than the harbour-city Colon. We were hungry, so decided to get quick lunch in Chinese Restaurant. They had Chow Mein with vegetables on menu. 1/2 portion costed 1.75$ and full portion 3$. We know that Chinese portions are always huge, so we ordered 1.5 portion. What we got looked more like 3 portions! 🙂 In Panama circulates...[read more]

After 6 days sailing – in Panama

March 4, 2007
Topics: Cuba, Panama

We are in the one of the biggest world harbours – Colon in Panama. It is the entry point to the Panama Canal for the boats travelling from Atlantic side to the Pacific Ocean. It took us 6 days to sail from Cayo Largo island in Cuba to Panama. Sailing was a little bit boring. No boats, just sea and waves. We have stayed with “Cheeca-Bey” yacht and its owners, French couple Jean-Jaques...[read more]

From Cuba to Panama!

February 12, 2007
Topics: Cuba, Panama

Sorry for being so short in notice, but here in Cuba Internet is very expensive. Since our old boat, with which we came from Mexico to Cuba, is not repaired by now, for the last two weeks we were searching for another boat, which could bring us out of Cuba. Today we were lucky, finding a French couple sailing to Panama the coming week. Though that is not the direction we intended to take, we will go...[read more]

Cuba restricts our way of travelling

January 22, 2007
Topics: Cuba

We arrived to Cuba last Thursday. This country is strange – has two currencies, has police control everywhere and the cars with governmental licence plate dominates the streets. The first 3 nights we stayed in the trimaran, but the day before yesterday we decided to take a train to the furthest possible destination in the East – Guantanamo city. Here we managed to camp with our tent in...[read more]

Preparing for Caribbean adventure

January 2, 2007
Topics: Mexico

Originally written for A couple of weeks ago we went for realizing our dream to sail the islands in the Caribbean Sea. We headed for the ports (marinas) on the coast of Yucatan Peninsula in the South of Mexico, in order to search for a boat, which would give us a free ride to the islands. We were lucky. The first day when arriving at the island Isla Mujeres (the island is near Cancun)...[read more]

When dreams come true…

December 20, 2006
Topics: Mexico, Website

Dear friends! This year we have been travelling in a slow motion, but we have managed to cover more than 10’000 km and got a lot from the road. Especially, we learned one thing: if you follow your dreams, they are coming true! At the time we were starting our never-ending journey, we had lots of dreams. Augustas wants to live in as many different countries as possible. Since 2006 he can call...[read more]

We are starting life on a BOAT!!!

December 16, 2006
Topics: Mexico

YES YES YES!!! We found a boat which will fullfill our dream to sail through the Caribbean islands. Ok, story in short. On Friday we travelled about 350 km to the east coast of Yucatan peninsula with the dream to find a boat. At night we stayed in Puerto Morelos beach. This village is right in the middle between Cancun and rapidly growing holiday resort Playa del Carmen. By the local fishermen...[read more]

The rain of stars (December 9-14)

December 13, 2006
Topics: Mexico

On Saturday we left Cuernavaca in order to start searching for a boat to the Caribbean islands. After 4 days we found ourselves in the peninsula of Yucatan, where we started our Follow The Road Trip last January. It was a long way – about 1500 km. Accommodation in Veracruz... The first night we spent in Vercruz, in the high grass with advertising posters near the beach. We checked the...[read more]