Sad reality of the capital of Costa Rica

May 8, 2007
Topics: Costa Rica

We are back in Costa Rica, but not for a long time. We are on the way to Panama, where the sailing season is ending. We have to hurry up and search for a boat, which would give us a lift to South American continent. This time more views than news. Here are some pictures taken in San Jose – the capital of Costa Rica, which, to be said, “is the most developed country in Central America”.         To...[read more]

The mission in El Salvador (April 25 – May 2)

May 4, 2007
Topics: El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua

Starting in Costa Rica on April 25 towards El Salvador, we spent the first night about 8 km North of Liberia town (Costa Rica). We found a great spot behind the entrance wall of a private farm, where we – after putting our tent – in the late evening were welcomed by a man with his two little kids. The next day started great. Just having passed the Costa Rican customs, we headed towards...[read more]

Angels of Costa Rica

April 24, 2007
Topics: Costa Rica

Originally written for finally we could put the signs at the entrance of Earth Rose Farm End of March 2007 we entered Costa Rica. Being spoiled by easy hitch-hiking in Panama, we encountered moving problems as soon as we entered Costa Rica. Three to four hours waiting for one ride was average. A bit frustrating, though the nature views paid off for it. We were heading immediately...[read more]

Five times barking (April 5 – 23)

April 22, 2007
Topics: Costa Rica

that's how you open a coconut when wanting to save its juice After two days in Cartago we went down South of Costa Rica to Palmira Norte. About two weeks before the incident in Cartago we met Joanna on the road, providing us with fruits and coconuts while we were waiting for a ride to San Isidro. Then she invited us to stay with her when coming back to her town. Since we needed a place to stay...[read more]

Unpleasant experience (April 3)

April 6, 2007
Topics: Costa Rica

happy family On Tuesday afternoon, after a lovely rice-beans-salad meal, we were brought by Rose and Maji (from ) to a great hitch-hiking spot outside of San Isidro town. When saying good bye Maji added, “Shall you have the best ride of your life!”… Unusual for our experiences in Costa Rica, not even after 20 minutes a car stopped and brought us right...[read more]

The attacker

April 3, 2007
Topics: Costa Rica

Tuesday, after we left farm, we got a ride to Cartago. Here we had the first bad experience in 14 months. Some guy with a stick tried to attack us. Nothing was stolen, just lost my base-cap. Katja got small injury on her leg, hospital charged nothing for the consultation and even local hotel is not going to charge us… There are good people all over the world, we see it...[read more]

Costa Rica – no fun for hitch-hikers

March 25, 2007
Topics: Costa Rica

coconut-water and its flesh was served, too We are in the rich coast, in Costa Rica, as the locals call it 🙂 This country really has a lot of green nature. A lot of opportunities for camping. Unfortunately, we cannot praise this place for its friendliness to hitch-hikers. Until now we had a “nobody-stops” experience only. Well, it is not so bad. They do stop, but we had to wait for...[read more]

2.5 cents coin

March 17, 2007
Topics: Panama

We are in Boquete – popular place among the travellers and retired Americans. If we will find where to leave backpacks, we will try to climb the 3500m inactive volcano. Takes 6 hours to go up, so we would probably stay overnight at the top. Last night we slept in Gualaca village, behind the petrol station. In the hot morning we decided to have a fresh shower. There was a pipe with running water,...[read more]

Sleeping Indian

March 12, 2007
Topics: Panama

We stayed three days in El Valle – small village among the mountains. Actually, long time ago there was a volcano which blew up. We got opportunity to hike on the top of sleeping indian. See the picture with the mountain below. Don’t you notice a sleeping indian? 🙂 We stayed with Dave from . He is US retired and now enjoying Panama life...[read more]

Cars without licence plates

March 8, 2007
Topics: Panama

On Saturday we say good-bey to Panama City. This place can only be proud by shopping malls, supermarkets and sweet bananas on the streets. On one hand, very comfortable, wherever you are – you will find everything. our ad searching for a ride to Colombia We have placed ride-search ads in 2 yacht clubs and now will continue trip towards Costa Rica (about 500 km to the border). The last week...[read more]