Isla Blanca, Leona Vicario, Coba (14-16 January)

January 26, 2006
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At the moment we are in Chicxulub, small village near Porto Progreso in the North of Yucatan peninsula. We put a tent in a terrasa of one nice family – Jorge and Patricia. 6 years ago Jorge used to Sorry for such a few letters in English. With this letter we will try quickly write about our first three days in Mexico. Saturday, 14 January We looked at the map and decided to escape Cancun for...[read more]

Practical things about our trip

January 22, 2006
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Already 10 days we are travelling in Yucatan province in Mexico. We are still happy and succesfully following the road. It is hard to describe where are we at the moment. To tell the truth, it is nowhere 🙂 It is one of the ranches in the middle of the fields. The nearest village is in about 3km, and it has famous name – San Francisko. The nearest village, which you may find on the maps –...[read more]

Our first day in Mexico, Cancun (13 January)

January 13, 2006
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On Friday, January 13th, 2006 we started our trip to Mexico by flying from Brussels to Cancun. We happily got a flight with Jetairfly for only 300 Euros each of us. The flight lasted 14 hours and though it sounds like a very long time we did not realize it so much. This I assume was the result of sleeping at least half way. Another point was that we were pushed to eat and drink most of the time. The...[read more]