In Cuenca, Ecuador

August 4, 2007
Topics: Ecuador

Few were the words sent out from us during the last weeks. We were busy traveling along Venezuelas, Colombias, and Ecuadors roads. We arrived to Ecuador 1,5 weeks ago, and headed straight to Cuenca, as we decided to spend our work period over there. Actually, we arrived a bit earlier than expected to Ecuador. Leaving Bogota we wanted to visit San Agustin, an archeological parque in the Huila province...[read more]

Juice in Cartagena and Venezuela pictures

July 13, 2007
Topics: Colombia, Venezuela, Website

We are in Giron, town near Bucaramanga in Colombia. We still have 400 km to reach Bogota. We intend to visit the capital next week (july 16-21). Few days ago, on the 1000km way from Cartagena we finally got a lift by Colombian truck! At night the driver was a little bit tired, so for few hours him and Katja were resting in the hammocks under the truck: By the way, in Cartagena...[read more]


July 9, 2007
Topics: Colombia

Last weekend we spend our time with a couple of friends on Playa Blanca, on the marvellous island of Baru. With our tents and hammocks we settled down right in front of a paradise beach and programed our minds on recreation. All we did was hanging around, swimming, eating, and sleeping. Watching the beach life was an additional activity we allowed ourselves. Being placed in such surreal location creative...[read more]

In Colombia ;)

July 8, 2007
Topics: Colombia

Hello, after a 5 days trip from Merida, Venezuela, to Cartagena, we spent already three days in this wonderful, historical city of Colombia. On our way to Cartagena we met a lot of nice people, inviting us not only for a ride, but many times helping to find us a safe place to stay overnight. Cartagena is a marvellous, beautiful city. Its historical center with its colorfull houses reminds us a lot...[read more]

From Caracas to Caracas (May 31 – June 26)

June 25, 2007
Topics: Venezuela

pollution leaves its marks on the window sill We arrived to Caracas on May 31. The airport is a big mess, full of guys offering to exchange money and transportation service. As we did not know there is a black market for money exchange (rate $1 – 3600 Bolivar), we changed on the airport for the official, and thus bad rate: $1 for 2150 Bolivar. Life was expensive the first days, due to...[read more]

A puppet for Ercilia

June 10, 2007
Topics: Belize, Projects

This is another project I realized while staying in Copper Bank, Belize. The daughter of the holiday resort gardener Fernando asked me once if I have had a puppet when I was her age (9 years old). I knew that Ercilia aimed me to buy her a puppet. Though her family was terribly poor, I generally dislike to simply buy a desired object. Rather I prefer to show that one can have what he wishes for by applying...[read more]

To Venesuela via Europe

June 5, 2007
Topics: Europe, Venezuela

Hello friends! After 3 weeks holidays in Europe, we are back on our track, and now ze are in Venezuela! Our mission to Europe was planned since March. The main goal was to make a big surprise for Augustas’ mother during her 50 years birthday party celebration. Families of both of us almost got heart attacks, and our visit in Europe was succesfull, happy, but very quick. More about our short visit...[read more]

3 weeks in Europe – surprise for others

June 4, 2007
Topics: Europe

Originally written for We were in Costa Rica and “officially” we were about to travel towards South America by searching a sailboat which would bring us from Panama to Colombia or any other South American country. Crossing by land through the Darien Gap was a bit risky, thus we did not consider it as an option (only in our bravest dreams). But… Let’s go back to...[read more]

Two lucky ones (May 2 – 5)

May 28, 2007
Topics: El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua

Leaving El Salvador towards Honduras worked out easy and fast. We arrived already around 10 a.m. at the border. There we met right away two Mexicans, which were heading towards Panama. We asked them for a ride, on which they agreed immediately. We had a nice small talk with one of the men, and waited patiently until their immigration process was done. Suddenly, there seemed to be problems with registering...[read more]

A garden for Fernando

May 10, 2007
Topics: Belize, Projects

Fernando was the gardener of the holiday resort in Copper Bank, Belize, where we spend exactly five months. His family was poor and I felt responsible for finding a solution for their bad finanical situation. I got the idea of a garden, which would at least ensure the basic nutrition for the family. The realization of this project took me some time. Every time when I suggested Fernando to start a garden...[read more]