Cuenca – a vegetarian paradise

November 28, 2007
Topics: Ecuador

Originally written for After our arrival to Cuenca (Ecuador) we were eager to eat outside. What we were searching was the regular rice, beans, and salad dish, which we enjoyed in so many other latin places. When we figured out a place where such kind of lunch is available for US $1, we were absolutely content. fresh, self-made soy milk from the Taiwanese owners That changed as soon...[read more]

Hokshila and his “Walk to Zion” movie

November 23, 2007
Topics: Website

One of our friends who is a traveller in the world and musician in Lithuania Hokshila Andrade, has recently added online parts from his movie “Walk to Zion” about his journey in Africa. All movies are featuring his own created songs. Check his videos in Youtube. We hope you will enjoy watching Hokshila’s Africa experiences!You might also be interested to check out his Fight for Africa...[read more]

New section on the webpage – Media

November 16, 2007
Topics: Website

We have created a new section of our page – “Media“. Here you can download our journey’s presentation (powerpoint), which we have prepared about 3 months ago in Colombia and Ecuador. Besides that you will find here “Coconut milk (for dummies)” movie from the last year, as well as the links to the articles/blogs we have written for other websites. In the future we...[read more]

Street parking fee collectors

November 12, 2007
Topics: Ecuador

While enjoying streets of Cuenca, very often one may notice a young girl or a man in a red “SERT” jacket holding a folder and a digital camera in his/her hands. Who are they? Well, they are employers of municpality and their main task is to collect parking fees from the drivers. The procedure is simple, first they take a picture of the parking ticket expiration time which can be found...[read more]

Why not to Peru?

October 28, 2007
Topics: Ecuador, Peru

On Saturday, the 20th of October, we spent our time with Laurence and Sebastien – two French backpackers passing by Cuenca. Talking for hours the topic changed to extending permissions of 90-days to stay in Ecuador. Most of foreigners are allowed to stay in this country 90 days with a possibility to extend this permission for another 90 days for free (max 180 days/year). French couple has already...[read more]

Reggaeton and Vallenato – music of Latin America

This time not much of text, but more sounds. As we promised in the previous message, this time we will present you two styles of music which are following us through our journey in Latin America. Firstly – REGGAETON As we understood, this type of music originaly comes from Puerto Rico island. It is kind of a mix of hip-hop, probably rap and everything else what has a rhythm. We do not really...[read more]

Che Guevara – hero of Latin America

October 25, 2007
Topics: Cuba, Ecuador, South America

We guess most of you have heard at least something about Che Guevara. He is, of course, already dead, but in South America his soul is still wandering around. Specially in revolutionary Venezuela, and also here, in Ecuador. Actually, there is a big friendship between the presidents of these two countries. The left-oriented Ecuadorian leader Correa is making political-changes similar to the ones made...[read more]

In search of the Escobar family

October 10, 2007
Topics: El Salvador, Projects

Unil, Gerson, Fernando, Ercilia photo for Fernando's brother During our five months stay in Copper Bank, Belize, we became good friends with one of the poorest families in the village. We shared joy and sorrow, and short before continuing our trip we found out that Fernando, the father of the family (originally from El Salvador), had lost contact to his family a couple of years ago. He did...[read more]

Colombian surprise

October 9, 2007
Topics: Colombia, Ecuador

you see how happy they make Not long ago we had two wonderful visitors: Angelica from Colombia, and Cedric from France. One evening we all went to a gallery of alternative art here in Cuenca. It is called “El Prohibido” (“Forbidden”), which at the same time is a bar, where you can chill comfortably on different styled couches (i.e. in a coffin), and drink a beer. This gallery-bar...[read more]

Hard black walnut

October 2, 2007
Topics: Ecuador, Health

Have you ever tried black walnut? It looks a bit like an ordinary walnut, but this one is really black and super hard. First time we heard about it one year ago in Guatemala, when Katja got diarrhea after brushing teethes with contaminated water. We found out that this walnut destroys the parasites in the intestine, and it really did after Katja treated her problem with pills made out of black walnut...[read more]