Hitch-hikers meeting in La Dulce, Argentina

October 17, 2008
Topics: Argentina

Hitch-hikers meeting in La Dulce, Argentina

Autostop Argentina hitchhiking logo Last weekend Argentina took advantage of the long weekend. For this reason the hitch-hikers community of Buenos Aires province decided to invite everybody to the regional meeting. The event took place in a camping located about 500 km south from Buenos Aires and 15 km from the nearest village La Dulce (“sweet”). There were about 30 participants mainly...[read more]

1000 days, next stop – Europe

October 8, 2008
Topics: Argentina, Europe

October 8 is day 1000 since we landed in Latin America. It was in Mexico on Friday, 13th of January, 2006. There we started our journey by hitch-hiking in order to explore new cultures and get to know the Real World and Real Life local people are living, forgetting all wrong impressions which usually are brought to us by news media. we feel part of their clan While the time is passing, a lot of...[read more]

Rational fasting, mucus and Arnold Ehret

September 12, 2008
Topics: Health

Today is our Fasting Day 9 and we fast for the third time in the last 13 months. We feel good because we believe it is the right way to be healthy. Every time we meet new people we have to explain why we do this fasting. Well, we simply WANT TO LIVE LONG! Here in San Rafael (Argentina) we found new friends – a quite known family in town  named Rigattieri. Father Fernando is interested...[read more]

We fast again, this time in Argentina

September 5, 2008
Topics: Argentina, Health

this one looks more professional than ours, because ours didn't fit on the wheels, so we had to improvise for fixing them The last 2 weeks were quite active for us. First, after staying in Mendoza (Argentina) for 1 week, we came back shortly to the capital of Chile – Santiago. This time crossing the border in the Andes mountains was a little bit complicated. Once we drove up to the top,...[read more]

Money – how do we finance the trip or where do we get the money?

August 23, 2008
Topics: FAQ

Money – where are they comming from? this is one of the most popular questions which we are asked by the people following our trip. However, the same we are questioning other long-term travellers we meet on the road. It is really an interesting topic, so we have always been talking about this openly and without any tabu. Before bringing all the details, worth to mention that we do not invest...[read more]

Back to Argentina

August 23, 2008
Topics: Argentina

heading for the first time over the Chilean-Argentinian border near Santiago de Chile. here the road fully parked with trucks which we would have to take to reach Argentina. will we ever make it? Last Tuesday the border pass between Santiago (Chile) and Mendoza (Argentina) was finally reopened after 5 days closing due to snow falls. We started hitchhiking around 10:30am, hoping to get in one of...[read more]

Escaping the smog

August 16, 2008
Topics: Chile

a look over Santiago Two weeks ago we took a bus from Valparaiso to Santiago, where we stayed with Felizpe, whom we met in Horcon, Valle de Elqui. We had fun with his hard hearing grandmother (84), and enjoyed the beautiful tones of his flute sounds. Four days later we stayed again with CouchSurfing member Karina, who introduced us to famous Pocho, a hamster.For the necessary biomagnetism treatment...[read more]

Postcards for terminally sick child Mateuszek

August 10, 2008
Topics: Projects

Dear friends, some time ago we received an email of Chopin, a Polish friend who hitch-hiked around the world ( www.ledbydestiny.com ) with Kinga ( www.kingafreespirit.pl ). In this email he forwarded a wish of an 8 years young Polish boy called Mateuszek Lang from Szczecin. He is a terminal sick child, and probably in his last year of life. His biggest dream is to receive as many postcardspossible...[read more]

Better don’t escape

August 7, 2008
Topics: Chile

Originally written for CoolWorks.com starting point in San Pedro for our trip to Salta, Argentina After San Pedro we needed a change. We have had enough desert, and were longing for green. Since Augustas got another website project, and Argentina is definitely a cheaper place to work in Internet cafes, we decided to head to Salta. We were lucky since two days after making a call on www.autostopargentina.com.ar...[read more]

Sand dunes in Concon, arriving to Santiago

August 3, 2008
Topics: Chile

Police orienteering hike in Concon dunes Our visit to the sand dunes in Concon last Thursday was great. It was a wonderful sunny day, and once on top we felt like in Sahara. Big, yellow, wavy sand dunes. From the top of them opens wonderful view at the sea, the beautiful city of Viña del Mar, and Concon town. As if we were angels appearing at the right time, we helped the...[read more]