Rational fasting, mucus and Arnold Ehret

September 12, 2008  
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Today is our Fasting Day 9 and we fast for the third time in the last 13 months. We feel good because we believe it is the right way to be healthy. Every time we meet new people we have to explain why we do this fasting. Well, we simply WANT TO LIVE LONG!

Here in San Rafael (Argentina) we found new friends – a quite known family in town  named Rigattieri. Father Fernando is interested in spiritual activities, so in his library he found the Spanish edition of the old book “Rational Fasting” by Arnold Ehret. We have already finished reading and learned a lot of interesting things, which we would like to share with you:

Mucus in our body is the cause of all diseases. It takes over our body completly. First it sits in the digestive system, then enters other parts of the body and finally infects our blood, thus making our heart work hard. At some point the heart simply does not have strengths anymore to handle the mucus, which is the moment when a human dies… In the natural way of life, though, we are supposed to enjoy a mentally happy and physically strong life until the very last moment when we finally fall asleep.

How do we get this mucus? Well, mainly by consuming wrong food. Reading his explanations I remembered how sometimes my mom was boiling red meat and later kept pot to cool down. Very often I saw pieces of jelly, which forms around boiled meat. Now imagine this jelly gathering in our bodies? We do not think and do not prevent that, and finally we get sick seriously (including cancer). There are many other things we consume that also “donates” mucus to our bodies. For example, vegetables that contain starch (potato, sweet potato, bread, rice, noodles).

Having mentioned mucus, there is a natural question – how to get rid of it? One of the most effective methods is fasting. During this process the body throws out all the trash, detoxifies the organs and the blood. A fruit diet is also a very good alternative. Arnold Ehret understands that some people simply cannot live without meat. For this reason he provides some advices how to improve protection of your body from mucus. Simply put efforts in chewing your food very well, until a porridge like consistence before you swallow. In this process the saliva already in the mouth decreases the formation of mucus. Though it will not prevent you from putting mucus in your body, it reduces it to a minimal amount.

There are a lot of interesting thoughts which the author shared in his “Rational Fasting” book. Fortunately, we found this book in English freely available on the Internet, so you are welcome to download it by clicking this link (PDF):

Arnold Ehret “Rational Fasting

For those, interested to read more about fasting, there is another book called “The Miracle Of Fasting” written by the classical fasting expert Paul Bragg. His books are not freely distributed, but it is possible to download it from alternative sources on the Internet:

Paul Bragg “The Miracle of Fasting
Paul Bragg “Healthy LifeStyle – Live to 120”

By the way, if you think fasting of 3 or even 4 weeks is something unbelievable, you will probably be surprised to hear that in the world exists people who neither drink, nor consume any food for many years. And they do not die! These kind of people are called Breatharians.

That is truly amazing. A couple of weeks ago somebody told us that in Bolivia he met a person who does not drink or eat, which was really hard to believe… But nothing is impossible. Following this topic, you might be interested to check out the free book “Life Style Without Food” written by Polish guy Joachim:

Joachim M Werdin “Life Style Without Food


Meanwhile, you are always welcome to contact us if you would like to know more about fasting or our theory of how to live long. We will be happy to share our knowledge which we gathered during the last years of travelling.

Let’s live long!


  1. lawson says:

    Great article but i was wondering if 3 weeks of water fasting was long enough to repair your body, as most say anything over 21 days then it starts to repair itself from then on.I have a condition called (barrets esophagus or barrets syndrome) and i was wondering if you knew anything about this? Do you think fasting could help me get rid of this condition? Any advise would be gratefull.

    • Hi, sorry we have no competence to answer your questions. In general the longer the fasting, the better reparation of body happens. However, long fastings we recommend to do under a supervision of fasting-“professional”. He/she would be able to advice you in more details concerning your particular case.

  2. nukleuz says:

    I totally agree! It is the mucus that’s the cause of diseases of humans. We are eating the wrong diet causing a backup of mucus due to weak kidney’s. Just cause your urinating doesn’t mean it’s fully functional. For better explanation check out Dr Morse’s N.D youtube channel. He’s a savior for many ppl including ME!!!

    Fruits and Vegg!
    Love and Peace!

  3. Ki-Aura says:

    I am happy you have published this article. And to Skeptic and dave and who soever else may read this and think it an option to say you do not believe, stop before you post. Think about what you are going to say in relation to what someone who is a vegan would say to a meat eater. Or a dog lover to a cat lover.
    All in life is a matter of choice and opinion. If the CHOSER is ok with the decision, there is no right for anyone to keep them from thier choice, noone. That is what is meant by freedom of will. If you tell ghandi to pick up a gun and fight when his choice is to sit still and then you scold him for doing as he pleases then you are keeping him from his will.

    To Augustas and Katja, good luck on you fast as i have just started mine. Namaste

  4. calico says:

    Interesting opinion, but I’m a little concerned about the facts. Mucus is the naturally occurring protective lining in our nose, mouth, and stomach. It is NOT flowing through our blood. If you don’t have any mucus your stomach acid (hydrochloric, ph about 2.0) can burn a hole right through your stomach. Mucus can’t “infect” anything.

    However, excess mucus can be a sign of an underlying mucus. Don’t confuse symptom with the cause.

    The jelly that forms when meat soup is cooled is saturated animal fat (which has nothing to do with mucus). Saturated fat IS bad. Fats aren’t filtered by the liver. They go straight from the intestines to the blood stream via the lacteals. Animal fat is the worst because it’s solid above room temperature, which means in your body it can remain solid or gooey.

    • Angela Moore says:

      This is definitely coming from an individual who does not really have any experience with the cleaner more mucus free body. Therefore, you simply don’t know. If mucus protects us then how is it killing us while it protects us. Even delivering my son took only a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes of labor with no need for drugs. Mucus is addicting and deadly just like crack cocaine. It feels great to eat mucus forming food to the addict, but it’s not good.

  5. Thanks! Great Article! 🙂

    It’s funny how pain bodies love to defend their slave death cult. ..FEAR. Notice the people that fear are the people that have never tried fasting sincerely for themselves. ..People that aren’t really ready to experience that level of freedom.

    Like could it really be this easy?? Just water? no $$?.. It takes motivation, education, or just intuition. Lots of old habits will come to the surface while doing any “cleansing”.

    Do you know how many people would be out of a job (that they don’t really like anyhow), if more people spent more time paying attention to their actual body/life needs? Probably 80% of all so-called “jobs” would be eradicated. People would be too busy doing what they enjoy with all their new found energy abundance now that they’re not weighed down by mucous. …gross :O ..Yes there is life outside of the “survival” paradigm and it rocks.

    We generally use money just to feed our emotions (pain body). If we didn’t have to feed our emotions, we wouldn’t really need money anymore so much. Again we’d be too busy enjoying life/ god’s abundance.

    Water fasting is the most efficient, safest, easiest, and free way to rid yourself of addictions of every sort, (I call it the take pills die death cult). The current way of life is the way of addictions, entrapment, racket. So fasting is the way to get your head out of the muck we call current way of life and into the awesome, onto planet awesome. But no matter how easy or convenient something is, if your not ready for it, your not ready for it. You need more suffering/frustration.

    Meditation/ prayer is a good compliment to fasting as well. The Inner Ear. It’s kind of the same thing, totally freegan. Never do what doesn’t feel right within you no matter what anyone says (if u can help it, I know the fear programming runs deep). Everyone will get to this eventually, it’s just a matter of “time”.

  6. Kit kuhlman says:

    I believe you can do it (or already have done it)! May your travels be safe!

  7. Kai says:

    I was wondering how you kept the motivational levels up? I don’t have a significant other to help me out and i find it sometimes reallly difficult to stay on track, i’ve been trying to fast for the past few months, but my temptations take the better of me. Any tips?

    • Katja says:

      Hi Kai, gaining real health is what keeps our motivational level up. I have had many health problems, and once we found out that fasting eliminates them, because our bodies have a chance to recover themselves, it was the greatest motivation we could get. We also noticed that only during the first fasting we were struggling with our temptations to eat. We figured out that longing for food is often just a mind thing, which is given too much importance in our society. Often, eating is just a social thing. You do it, because others do it, but rarely because you are truly hungry. Also wrong habbits of snacking around all the time play a big role. Through fasting we realized that, and when fasting our minds are now really calm. At the end, how our friend Mike always says, it is “just three weeks”. How much are three weeks in comparison to a long and healthy life?

  8. Sceptic says:

    Maybe try not eating and drinking for a few weeks and then ask your family and friends to update your website again with an obituary. You might also want to read about mucus, which is a natural part of the human body and not some poison, see [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mucus]

    • Please, do not tell us what to do. If you want to live without food and drinks – it is your choice. We will do what we feel is right to do. And we are not willing to live without alimentation.

      Mucus – yes it is a natural part of our bodies. But we are talking about the unnatural excess of it, which is caused by wrong nutrition. Moreover, in the same article of Wikipedia you refer you can read, that increased mucus production causes illnesses. And in our article we described the reasons why mucus increases.

  9. Sceptic says:

    “By the way, if you think fasting of 3 or even 4 weeks is something unbelievable, you will probably be surprised to hear that in the world exists people who neither drink, nor consume any food for many years. And they do not die! These kind of people are called Breatharians.”

    And if you had done a bit research on these claims, you would soon find that they are totally bogus!

    • We trust people first 🙂

    • Dave says:

      Breatharians–no such thing–it’s absurd to even claim they exist–correct you are Sceptic–Google the pretty Australian lady who claimed to be a breatharian and was promoted as such by David Wolfe and his crew years back–I believe she went by the name Jasmuleen–the news people challenged her to prove it and she was then exposed for what she was–a fraud.

    • hnoor0022 says:

      People would be too busy doing what they enjoy with all their new found energy abundance now that they’re not weighed down by mucous. …gross :O ..Yes there is life outside of the “survival” paradigm and it rocks.