Reggaeton and Vallenato – music of Latin America

This time not much of text, but more sounds.

As we promised in the previous message, this time we will present you two styles of music which are following us through our journey in Latin America.

As we understood, this type of music originaly comes from Puerto Rico island. It is kind of a mix of hip-hop, probably rap and everything else what has a rhythm. We do not really like these melodies, but since Latin America (specialy teenagers) lives with them, it can be healthy for you to know these bum-bum as well. Here are couple of hits:

Daddy Yankee – Rompe
Don Omar – beenie man
Don Omar – Dale Don Dale
Wisin Y Yandel – Rakata
Daniela doing gymastics

Daniela doing gymastics

Fan of reggaeton in Colombia

After loud Reggaeton, we would like to offer something more soft and romantic, which is called Vallenato. These songs come from Colombia. When we visited this country, you can hear it in each corner. Vallenato sings a lot about love, girls… Well, standard latin lyrics 🙂 We share with you few vallenatos, the first ones we like the most:

Eres – Otto Serge
Aqui Me Tienes – Los Pechichones
Por Que Eres Amiga – Los Pechichones
Solo Puedo Quererte – Los Chiches
Naci Para Adorarte – Los Betos
Armando, our wonderful friend from Giron

In Armando’s car we got the first real acquaintance of Vallenato

newest cinema hits included

newest cinema hits included

Hopefully the protectors of author rights in Latin America will not bother us, because first they have to sort out their 1-dollar music CD shops, as they might be addictive 🙂


  1. anne credito says:

    I am a big fan of america latina music in general, i’m glad i have ‘followed this road’ 🙂 the vallenato is quiet positivly surprising, i was looking for something diferent and there you go.

    thanks for sharing


  2. marisela says:

    this the coolest website ever:!