Two years on the road!

January 12, 2008  
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2008 January 13 is the day when we enter the jungle, moreover, it is the day when the 3rd year of our journey starts.

For your interest we are sharing our trip finance calculations for the year 2007.

Expenses (total $10’700 — $15 person/day).
this includes:
$1650 – Treatments for Katja, Dentists, Vaccinations
$1400 – Equipment: travel gear, audio-photo-video, Psion repairs
$725 – Renting appartment in Cuenca, Ecuador 5 months
$150 – Border crossings (legal entry/exit fees, visa prolongation)
$110 – FollowTheRoad t-shirts and cards
$270 – two second hand desktop computers for work in Cuenca (still on sale)
$180 – accommodation (70% in Cuba, Jan’07)
$300 – intercity transport (50% in Cuba)

Income (total $5’700):
$600 – Writing articles about our trip (Lithuanian travel magazine and blog)
$3700 – Programming websites
$1400 – Other

Balance: minus $5’000

PS: today, January 12, we also add $10 to the expenses, which were robbed by pickpocketers in the trolleybus in Quito. Yes, yes, this is our 3rd unpleasant experience in the journey (the first – $2 and Katja’s small book for notes stolen in the metro in Mexico City, the second – attack of drug addict in Costa Rica). Besides the money those women also have cut side-pockets of Augustas’ trousers… Fortunately, Katja managed to grab one of them out of the trolley, which followed by spending 2 hours in the police office, finally sending this robber to the jail for 7 days. This happening taught us new things, and it is a symbolic way for Ecuador to say “good-bye.” More about this incident after we get through the jungle rivers


  1. hey guys, i just drop a line to let u know it is possible to hitch-hike along the Napo River with the doctors, who move from vilage to village with their canoes.