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February 5, 2010  
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Mission: Katja’s birthday wish
Deadline: February 18, 2010

Katja’s birthday is approaching in big steps. You know yourself, she loves dreaming BIG. For this year, she has a simple, yet big wish:

Katja wants an overflowing postbox full of mail from You from All Over The World!

She wishes to see it full to bursting. She wants to astonish her Indian neighbors. She dreams of our house looking like the region’s main post office.

Most exciting to her is the idea of you sharing your favourite leading quote in life. What is your own philosophy? What makes you strive? What makes you go further? What makes you realize your dreams? What makes you win?

Katja's smile hiding in front of the postbox

Katja wants to be inspired by You. She believes that You are able to make her wish come true. Just in case, here is our address in India (till end of April):

Katja Lachmann
Panchayat no. IV 653
House name Prem Sree #19

[opposite Vachar Mukku welding workshop]
Vachar Mukku
695141 Kerala

It’s just as easy as this:

  1. Finding a postcard.
  2. Taking a pen.
  3. Writing “Hello”.
  4. Thinking of your favorite quote.
  5. Adding the quote.
  6. Putting your identity proof signature accompanied by a smile.
  7. Getting a stamp.
  8. Sending the postcard or letter.
  9. Cross your fingers and wait. Katja will do the same.

Surprise our Indian postbox! Inspire Us!

“Waiting for food”, the postbox is speaking… 😀