12 days Malaysia

May 19, 2010  
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The last days in Varkala town in South India were beautifully intensive. We gave away all belongings, which we would not carry along. Our neighbour boys Roshmin and Robin – after sneaking curiously around our rooms in search for treasures – went off with loads of new and interesting items. Some chairs we placed at our lovely Coconut lady, and some rather creative stuff went to Faith’s Skylark guest house. Our moon tailor Chandran (means “moon” in Malayalam) surprised me with a Charitwar, a typical female Indian dress. His hearty words on top made us feel leaving another dear home of this world.


Our transition from India to Malaysia was smooth. Tired and happy we arrived in Kuala Lumpur’s Indian district, were we were staying with a Finish girl and two Lithuanian girls made us feel like in Lithuania – the home of our hearts. Kuala Lumpur is a shopping paradise with huge traffic and high pollution – quite a contrast to little Varkala with beeping Rickshaws.


Having lunch in Chinese restaurant in Tanah Rata (Cameron Highlands)

For four days we enjoyed Cameron Highlands on 1500 m altitude. Everything there appears green and the temperatures are heavenly pleasant. Upon arrival we tried hitchhiking for finding a place to rent long-term – our idea since India. Drivers pulled over, calling their friends in town for help, or leaving us phone numbers of potential house owners. One girl, Ting, even went in search for us. Late Saturday evening, when all hostels are full, left us with only one option to stay overnight – a tiny little hole under a diagonal roof stuffed with a double mattrass in a cheap guesthouse. We changed this “room” two days later into one alike, just with a window. In search of something to rent we explored nearby towns and villages. There are plenty of places available starting from 1000 Ringgits (~250 Eur), which didn’t meet our budget (~400 Rm). So we moved on, after falling over the town named Taiping also called the Peace town.


Fighting for the place in Taiping bus station

Taiping was love at first sight. It has the right size, is surrounded by lots of nature, has cooling temperatures in the night through daily rainfall, has walkable distances in all directions, and is stuffed with hearty and super helpful people. Countless people tried to help with our search of a place to rent. We saw several places, one of them being right in front of Lake Garden, a fabulous nature spot. Since the owner didn’t allow cooking inside, we crossed it off our options. And there we were, staying in a comfortable guesthouse of a Chinese association, not knowing how to move on. It was Saturday (May 15), we had no more rental offers for Taiping, and one quite dreamy proposal of a place to rent in Ipoh town in mind, still prefering Taiping as a place to live. We finally decided to check out Ipoh (bigger city 90 km away), contacting CouchSurfing members this very Saturday evening for a place to stay and help in finding a place to rent.

A couple of hours later Junice called, starting a row of help, which was truly overwhelming. She proposed to rent the house of her good friend, for which she picked us up Sunday midday at the old Ipoh bus station for having a look. When we saw the house (only outside, not inside yet) we said, “We want it!” Situated in the outskirts of Ipoh, this living area is surrounded by tiny shops and lots of nature. To consider was only that public transportation wouldn’t be easy. Digesting the visit to this lovely house, we had lunch in a vegetarian restaurant. We also called to a Chinese woman, which we met in Taiping and had an offer of two rooms in Ipoh (actually this is why we got interested in this city). When talking to her we got stunning news: her house is located in the same area as this of Junice’s friend. It was clear then that we would rather opt for our own house, as the price was the same – 300 Rm. A couple of hours later house owner Mr. Lim and his family let us look inside the house, which revealed a spacious inside with four separate rooms, a common living room, an eating room, a kitchen, and three bathrooms. No furniture, though, it was clear – here we’re gonna stay!

Gas bottle for the cooking stove was delivered within 15 minutes after calling – on a Sunday! After arranging everything with Mr. Lim, Junice brought us to the supermarket for shopping stuff we needed for living in the house. We decided for a mineral water filter, sparing thus the purchase of bottled water. Monday Junice came by with chairs, a table, pillows, a stove, a Wok, and an English speaking newspaper sent by Mr. Lim as well as cables she offered to borrow us herself.

Together we left to Ipoh town checking on bicycles, which we definitely need out here. Since it was Augustas birthday, he invited Junice for a cake. Later it turned into an ice-cream from the supermarket. The reason was Andrej, a Lithuanian hitchhiker on his way around the world, who called us and said he was waiting at the supermarket on the way to our house. After the yummy ice-cream we set off home, enjoying the rest of the day the three of us “Lithuanians” in our new Malaysian house.

In only 12 days we changed the country and four times our place to stay, and then within only one day of coming to Ipoh, not knowing where to stay that very night, we ended up having our own house. This simply IS amazing. We are deeply grateful for Junice’s help with everything, and we are touched by the kind hearts of her and Mr. Lim and his family. Life is beautiful – as always ;D


  1. Angelica says:

    Cool! I’m very happy for you guys! Enjoy your new home… do you have a limited stay permit in Malaysia or can you stay as long as you like? Maybe we’ll show by some day!

    Hugs!! Angie