Cobra under our house

November 5, 2010  
Topics: Thailand

In one crack of the house we notice a big lizard stuck between wooden boards of the house. Wait a minute – it is not a lizard, rather a frog having couple of weird white dots on its head. Is she stuck between the woods? No… we see something more exciting – it is a snake having a frog for a lunch! We probably disturbe her too much as she releases her treasure, and the frog jumps few steps downwards into the grass, changes the color and freezes for the eternal rest. Meanwhile the snake (later we find out it is a cobra) is hanging around under our house for several hours. Yeah, it is really cosy there. We leave the house and when we come back – she is gone. Boring to be lonely, that’s true 🙂 People say cobra is a common snake here…

Few photos and video.

DSCF9075  IMG_0991  DSCF9077  IMG_0996  DSCF9079


  1. Alex says:

    Great Video!!!!

  2. Engin Kaban says:

    Nice post 🙂

    Cobra is also the part of the adventure, isn’t it…