Welcome to Australia

November 25, 2010  
Topics: Australia, Oceania

One year ago, before we went to India, we had Australia in mind, too. Intuition pointed us towards Australia, but at that time we created several reasons not to go there. 2 months ago in Thailand we re-introduced the idea of Australia. The evening we thought and talked about it, Katja got tears in her eyes, when she felt that her soul is sending the clear signal – Go for it! There is no doubt – we are going to Australia.

On the night of 12-13 of November we fly from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Perth – the main and the only city in Western Australia. Before we started reading about this country, we had no idea how big it is. Now we see it is almost as big as whole Europe. Wow, what a giant place 🙂

We arrive to Perth early Saturday morning. Going through the customs and immigration authorities is extremly smooth and easy. The immigration officer just scans our passports and verifies the pictures. No questions, no words and within seconds we get an entrance stamp inside our passports. In Australia exists a strict control on what food you can bring inside. We declare some seeds and nuts, but the “health inspector” just winks us through, letting us take everything along.

First day in AustraliaPerth has a population of 1.5 million people. It is famous for it’s mining industry, where work can be found easily. It is a very isolated part of Australia, with its nearest neighbor city Adelaide about 2800 km away. In between of Perth and Adelaide are only towns and villages not bigger than 60’000 people.

Two weeks have passed since our arrival to Australia. Almost the entire time we stay in Fremantle, which is located 18 km South of Perth. It is known as a place for artists. On Monday evenings we enjoy going to the alternative place FERN, where they serve vegan Soupi kitchen food (donations in exchange).

Our first impressions of Australia so far – it feels like being in Denmark 😉 Life is peaceful, people are relaxed, streets are calm and empty in the evening, the environment is clean and tidy. Even the people’s appearance reminds as a lot of Denmark.

A few days ago we felt that we should move on. We decided to hitch-hike south of Perth. We don’t really have any plans nor ideas, instead we follow our hearts. For the moment it seems we have already a ride for the first 180 km down south from “kiwi” girl Gabrielle (from New Zealand), whom we met 3 years ago in Ecuador. She apparently lives in Perth at the moment, and will be going almost 200 km down south for a party on Friday night. And we are invited 🙂 It’s as always amazing – once we are following our heart magic instantly happens!


  1. Hitomi says:

    Glad to hear that both of you are safe arriving Australia and thanks for sharing your feeling and experiences.

    Do keep in touch.

  2. Robertas says:

    No wonder why it is a continent 😉 Thank you for sharing your experiences! I will enjoy my Australia in Denmark 😉 Oh btw does water going down a plughole spins counter-clockwise over there? 😀