Help us to build a school for Zambian orphans!

July 10, 2008  
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Us, Zambia, and new school

Back in 2004 during our trips through Africa, in Lusaka (capital of Zambia) we both met pastor Ralph and his wife Agnes. They invited us to stay in Kalingalinga suburb with their relatives, and for a whole week we were taken care of in any possible way.

Agnes and Ralph are humanitarians who work to improve livelihood conditions in Mutendere community, the biggest township of Lusaka. Since 2002 they are actively helping children who are victims to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in their neighbourhood to receive the necessary day care, primary education, and basic food, which these children cannot receive otherwise. At the same time they support single mothers and grandmothers, who had lost a part of their family through HIV/AIDS and now have to care about the (grand)children alone. In 2005 they founded King World Missions, a community-based charity organization dedicated to fight the problems of HIV/AIDS in Zambia, whos concern are orphans, vulnerable children, and those little ones unable to afford education.

Today, the most important goal for King World Missions is to build a school with 4 classrooms that would host more than 80 children for getting primary education, and empower women of Mutendere community with life sustaining skills.

In 2008 through we found an opportunity to help initiating a fundraising activity in order to realize the school. We have created a project profile for King World School and within 1 year we managed to collect US $2,800 of donations. In December 2009 this money was sent to the leaders of project in Zambia.

How to help?

The project still needs support, and this is how you can help:

  • donating money (for details please get in touch with us) – surely the simplest way of helping King World School project;
  • distribution of information about this sustainable project within your families, relatives, and friends;
  • active participation in fundraising. Certainly the most difficult way to support us, but at the same time very effective. By means of events, such as a private or business parties, a presentation within your circle of friends, your school, university or at work, even right on the street, would make King World School project known within seconds to a greater audience.

There is a beginning, but we know, that without the organization of events for the wider distribution of knowledge about and fund raising of the project we might proceed too slow. Thus, who is interested to support us with similar activities? Contact us.

Any help concerning suggested or other fund and awareness raising activities are highly appreciated.

We rejoice upon your reactions and each, no matter how big, donation. How Ralph always says,

“We attach great value to every donation given to King World Mission and we treat all donors with the same love and value regardless of the amount of money sent.”

Participate and let us bring about this marvel together!


  1. Ralph Sebent says:

    We were honored and and what a joy it was for us to host Augustas and Katja in Zambia.We can only look forward to see them again this time with their son. I know time has passed and Augustas may have replied to your request already. If you are still interested to come to Zambia and help build the school, you are most welcome Nawej as the project is still on. This is my number +260 977 88 4174

  2. Maria Howard says:

    i used to do fund raising for african communities and it was a great job to help others ”’

  3. Nawej Rubemb says:

    I Live in Australia I would like to start new project in Zambia by building schools for young people in Zambia and i wand to bring computers to teach young kids in zambia so Sir/Madam if its ok for me to come to do this project then let me know. I would like to build Library to ill put more computers in the library and books for all age. please i want young kids in Zambia to have good school and i want them to know how to use computers.
    Thankyou Sri/Madam to read this note. and this is my number +0011-04-00-69-11-03

  4. zak says:

    we should think of more ways to help

  5. Mike says:

    Has this project actually recieved the funds that it has raised through givemeaning?

    I have just started a project and read some worrisome reports about their operation. I want to know if it is safe.