Augustas got ill

February 24, 2008  
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just to let you know, from Monday to Wednesday (18-20 Feb) we were traveling with a boat on Rio Napo from Santa Clotilde to Iquitos city. Tuesday (19 Feb) Augustas started to suffer fever (with pressure in the eyes and difficulties to concentrate). When we arrived on Wednesday to Iquitos we went immediately to the hospital. Since then we did many blood tests to analyze what Augustas suffers. Until now no clear results are known. All 4 malaria tests were negative. Dengue fever was suspected on Thursday (21 Feb).

The symptoms did not match completely to neither malaria nor dengue, only partly. Two other diseases, which are transmitted through skin contact with water contaminated by animal urine, are suspected. They are called Leptospirosis and Riquepsia. Also for these diseases blood tests were taken, but the result will not be known before end of March.

All this made our doctor decide for following. After Augustas was treated like having Dengue on Thursday with Metamizol Sodico (for fever and pain), he took regularly Paracetamol. Saturday (23 Feb) he started with Doxycycline (antibiotic). This is important to avoid later complications in case they find out Leptospirosis or Riquepsia (results in 1 month).

Friday evening and next day morning fever was almost disappearing, Augustas felt fresh. But Saturday afternoon condition worsened again, 40C fever with shivering. We consulted our biomagnetic doctor Yolanda in Ecuador. She made an analysis and biomagnetic treatment through a medium (her son) and found out that Augustas has Dengue classic and Malaria Plasmodium vivax. Augustas dehydration we started to overcome with special drinks for this case. Since drinking this his shivering disappeared, and he suffers fever (concentration now is good), which appears each 4-6 hours, and dry coughing. We treat it with Paracetamol as indicated from the doctor.

Sunday I went back to the hospital, spoke to our doctor, and he agrees with the diagnose found through biomagnetism. It seems Dengue fever was fought on Saturday (after 5 days), and now Augustas suffers the symptoms of malaria. Thus the doctor gave medicine for Malaria plasmodium vivax, which is Chloroquine. Normally, it is given together with Primaquine, but the latter is not possible to take at the same time with Doxycycline. Thus the treatment plan is to take first only Chloroquine. If during the second day fever disappears, Augustas definitely had Malaria P. vivax. Then on Tuesday instead of Doxycycline Augustas starts the necessary treatment with Primaquine.

We have received all the medicine for free, which is because a certain Malaria program exists. On Monday (25 Feb), we will get the results of all the blood, urine, and stool tests. The results will maybe bring more clearness into Augustas current illness history.

In case Augustas reacts strongly to Chloroquine, which can have side effects like vomiting, short breath, feeling dizzy (and many more things), it is likely we let him hospitalize. This is for making him receive the treatment for dehydration through vein. We are in steady contact with his doctor, and believe that everything will work out well.

Keep your fingers crossed and we will keep you updated.

Greeting from Iquitos,
Katja & Augustas


update 02/26

Last Sunday his fever disappeared in the evening. Everything seemed working out well. Monday morning he started fresh and happy the day, but around 10 a.m. body temperature got gradually higher. In the afternoon it went down a bit, but around 5-6 p.m. it rose up till 39.9C.

Eva (met her on Rio Napo trip), an american scientist working on a Malaria project in Iquitos, got us fast in contact with more doctors. In the evening we rushed to another hospital, where they made another blood test (plus PCR test) and finally (!) they could see Maliaria p. falciparum. They found very few, but enough to start malaria treatment the same evening. It will last 3 days, thus Thursday malaria is supposed to be gone. After another night with few sleep and Augustas having high fever, it seems everything is under control. Fever until now didn´t reappear, but he still feels weak.

Augustas thanks all of you a lot for the support you are sending.

We let you know news soon,

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  1. Ramunas says:

    A few notes regarding Augustas desease:
    Are you aware that Metamisol is another name for Analgin? It was a popular drug 30 years ago. Now it is banned in most countries due to very small risk of very serious side effect- agranulocytosis, and due to availability of substitutes (Aspirin, Paracetamol and other non-steroidal antiimflamatory) which are as effective for pain and inflammation but do not have that potentially lethal side effect.
    It does not prevent complications or shorten duration of Dengue or any other disease. It only helps the patient to feel better. In fact, it may slightly prolong duration since fewer helps immune system to fight microbes and reduced fewer does not help as good. Also, if disease is not clearly diagnosed, reduction of pain and fewer can mask a new symptom and delay diagnosis of complications.
    Doxycycline is very good choice of prophylaxis in my opinion. Even though antibiotics are generally not administered for prophylaxis due to resistance such administration promotes in the society, since you are in remote area and already experiencing symptoms which may be of an undiagnosed bacterial infection, you should care of the “society” interest less and more of your personal interest.
    Biomagnetic doctor seems to be a “guessing specialist”. It was safe to guess Dengue Classic, since it is most common and simple self-resolving type of Dengue. It was also a good guess of Malaria P. vivax since it is the most common form in Peru (80% of all Malarias). The later guess has failed and we will never be able to prove or deny the former.
    I wonder why Primaquine was not possible with Doxycycline? That is irrelevant now since Augustas has P. falciparum, not P. vivax. Just hope that his Plasmodium is not resistant to Chloroquine.
    Besides those small misconceptions, seems that you are in good hands now. I’m glad you learned so much about Augustas condition. Informed patient always makes better decisions. Also I hope my response is too late now, i.e. Augustas disease is now history.
    Wishing you all the best.

  2. james says:

    hey guys, and am hoping to hear more about a speedy recovery. i send you my best from cuenca.

    PS. what is biomagnetism?

  3. Ricardo Reyes says:

    Dear Katja that was for me a really sad news..i wish you the best for you both guys, take care and we are praying here…please tell Augustas i wish you a good recovery… greetings from Austria, keep me in contact…

    your Panama friend!