Here & Now

Here & Now – it is the most important magic we have discovered in this Life. There is nothing more than Being Now and feeling it’s power. This is how we started to manifest the Life we wanted.

Life is Magic

Do you have an empty house?
We would love to live in it!

Let us know! 😉

The freedom we got to taste while being on the road for several years made us understand that we can live our life at free choice, being whoever we want and whenever we want to. We see this as the only truth we can live, and by doing so share our joy about it with the world.

The growth we experienced over the years broadened our horizon and in 2010 opened us fully to the spiritual world (see our sources of inspiration). We believe in the power of the Universe and its abundance, which gives us the ability to create our own reality. The reality we prefer! We now consciously experience what great power our thoughts and feelings possess, and that whatever we can imagine, and whatever we are asking for – that is what we receive and manifest.

We are driven by a deep interest in a Healthy and Happy Life. After being vegetarian more than five years, we fell in love with a diet mainly based on Raw and Living Foods. We choose our food according to what we like in each and every moment anew. Momentarily, we are eager to discover the wide variety of wild edible landscapes.

Now we are

Katja is an artist, passionate about creative activities and an Inventor. She loves writing, painting, dancing, photography, and so much more. Her joy expands by sharing all her projects and ideas at, a website full of diverse aspects in her creativity filled life.

Augustas is a generator of the ideas for web-projects. It has been his passion for many years. Now he is rediscovering this passion anew. He loves working with Internet 🙂 Time to time he also feels joyful by playing around with card and rope magic tricks. And the rest of the time he spends exploring raw foods and listening to spiritual teachings.

We are in Love

We are in love with a thousand things. We love our food, we love hitchhiking as always, we love ourselves, we love our family and friends, we love the only constant in life – Change, we love discoveries, we love our home, we love our activities, we love nature, we love each day, we love each other, we love our life… It’s a magical life we are living, for which we are eternally grateful. We feel blessed for the wonders we experience every day. Life is amazingly beautiful 😉

You love fairy-tales? Well, here is one 🙂

Once upon a time…
…we were an Innovation Manager from Germany (Katja ;)) and a Computer Scientist from Lithuania (Augustas ;)). We met in Spain in 2003, when we got in contact through Hospitality Club and Katja ended up hosting Augustas and his friend for few nights in her appartment in Zaragoza city.

Our hands and souls joined during the Rainbow Gathering in the Pyrenees mountains in South of France. The next two years we were living separately in different countries. In summer 2004 we both travelled and lived for some time in Africa.

For a long time, even before we met each other, we had a dream – to see as many countries, cultures, different people around the world as possible… And that’s why we started…

…Following The Road (2005-2008)

In the end of 2005 we travelled for two months around Europe to pay visit to our dear friends all over. In January 2006 we flew to Mexico, where our 3 year hitchhiking journey through Latin America began. Having no plans nor expectations we stepped into all countries of Central America, Cuba, and some of South America. We experienced hitchhiking a wide variety of vehicles, getting a free ride with sailing vessels and an airplane among others. Having arrived in Argentina near the end of 2008, we felt like Europe is calling us again. This was the end of the episode “the big journey around the world” 😉

Europe in 2009

We have spent a few months working in Denmark, enjoyed summer in Lithuania and travelled a bit through other places in Europe. It was a wonderful feeling to reconnect again with our families and friends. In October 2009 we got married in Denmark and decided to exchange European cold autumn and the approaching freezing winter for a warmer tropical climate, such as in Asia.

Asia in 2010

This time we chose the South of India, where we lived for 6 months in Varkala (Kerala state). Our next destination was Malaysia, where we picked Ipoh as our home town for 3 months before we set foot into Thailand. On the beautiful Thai island Ko Phangan we volunteered for 3 months in Monte Vista Retreat Center, a place for a complete self-renewal. In the end of the magical year 2010 started a new page of our life titled “Australia”. Wow!