Our raw food in Ko Phangan island, Thailand

September 28, 2010  
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Our food is tasty and voluminous. We have access to the abundance of tropical fruits. We buy food ourselves, so 2-3 times per week we go to Thongsala town for shopping. Our working hours were intensive, so very often we went shopping either after 5:30pm or during our days-off: Fridays and Saturdays.


Beach in Srithanu, Ko Phangan

Monte Vista Retreat Center, were our volunteering ends coming Thursday, is located about 2-3 km from Thongsala. Often we just walk this distance. However, if we feel like “saving the time” we stopp a taxi, which brings to town for 3.10 USD (100 Baht, i.e. 50 Baht per person). Taxi is relatively expensive, probably because most of the tourists rent motorbikes, which cost 4.70-6.25 USD/day (150-200 baht), meanwhile for the long-term it is possible to rent for as low as 2.00 USD/day (1800 Baht/month).

Once in the town, we visit the following 4 places (actually sometimes only visiting #1 and #4 is enough):

  1. Greens from Tesco

    Greens from Tesco

    Supermarket TESCO. Here we find a bigger variety of green leafy vegetables than in the market, and sometimes here we buy young coconuts (we drink the water and eat the yummy flesh).

  2. Shop “Limpipong”. Practically it is the only shop on the island of its kind. Here one can find lots of good stuff for Western cuisine – variety of pasta, oils, lots of canned products. They also offer a collection of different nuts and seeds – this is where we get our nuts. In the fridge they have home-made yogurt and sometimes have limited selection of organic vegetables, in which we are interested the most. This shop is in the opposite end of the town, so we get to walk additional half a kilometer to and form there.
  3. Wholesale market. It is located next to “Limpipong” shop. Sometimes they have a big variety of fruits and vegetables. It seems that all the sellers belong to one group and they work as one. This is the place where many bungalow places of the island by their food for the restaurants. They sell big amounts, so they often have fresh produce. We like to buy fruits from these people, specially because sometimes the seller gives us a bonus package full of slightly older, but good to eat fruits.
  4. “Fresh market”. This is how this small street of small shops is referred in most of the maps of Thongsala. From different sellers we get what is still missing. Sometimes we also get different green leafy vegetables, which look like being brought straight from the garden.

Most of the time we come back home by taxi by paying the same 100 Baht. For this price we are dropped off at the bottom of the hill, where Monte Vista is located. The last 200 meters we walk very steep and narrow road up to the hill. Taxies agree to drive this way up only if you pay double. They don’t really like that path…

We come back home having full backpacks and several bags in our hands. This is a picture of all the stuff we have brought during our last shopping:

Our recent purchase

Our recent purchase

This should be enough for at least 3 days. This pile of raw food cost around 60 USD. We do not keep detailed records of money spent, but we have a feeling, we spent around 20 USD daily for our food (for 2 persons).

Food in the fridge

Food in the fridge

Inside Katja’s room we have a very small fridge, where after each shopping Katja enjoys fitting all refreshing-environment-loving vegetables inside and she does it magically well! This little fridge is a real treasure. We are really happy about it, even though in Malaysia we managed to live without a fridge for the whole 2 months.

Daily menu

Juicer Oscar 900


These days every morning we start with the juice from green leaves and one of the fruits. We usually choose pomegranate, apple or tangerines (here, the same like in the South of India, they call them oranges). Each of us get 0.5 liter or more of pure living juice. Around 8am we usually attend yoga class and after that we enjoy the morning by snacking fruits (sometimes together with the yummy cashew cream). During lunch at 12:30pm we treat ourselves with a huge bowl of vegetable salad or sushi kind of rolls made using nori seaweed sheets. In the evenings we love eating more fruits, nuts, and time to time we make another tasty juice or create something special, like raw cake, nut milk, etc.


To finish this article we will write prices of few veggies in Thongsala markets during September 2010:


Durian on sale!

Carrots – 0.50-0.80 USD/kg (15-25 Baht)
Tangerines – 1.25-2.50 USD/kg (40-80 Baht)
Young coconut – 0.40-0.50 USD/unit (12-15 Baht)
Papaya – 1.25-1.60 USD/kg (40-50 Baht)
Apples – 0.40-0.55 USD/unit (12-17 Baht) – imported from China
Grapes – 2.35 USD/kg (75 Baht) – local with seeds
Mango – 1.90-2.50 USD/kg (60-80 Baht)
Avocado – 1.25-2.20 USD/unit (40-70 Baht) – imported from Australia
Rambutan – 0.60-0.95 USD/kg (20-30 Baht)
Cashews – 9.40 USD/kg (300 Baht)
Almonds – 15.60 USD/kg (500 Baht)
Dates – 11.50 USD/kg (140 Baht)
Pomegranate – 0.60-0.95 USD/unit (20-30 Baht) – Depends on the size. Seems like imported from China.
Cucumbers – 0.95 USD/kg (30 Baht)
Green leafy vegetables – didn’t really pay attention, but something around 0.80-1.60 USD/kg
Durian – 1.10-1.60 USD/kg (35-50 Baht) – session has just finished, so Durian is not available anymore

These are the prices in touristic Ko Phangan island. Most probably in the mainland everything might be a little bit cheaper.


  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi! thanks for the information!
    what about juicers?? do they sell them on the island?
    or do i need to get one in Bangkok?

  2. Lindsay says:

    Would you mind sharing you favorite places to buy durian? Do you know of any farms on Koh Phangan?

  3. tamara says:

    Dear,tank You for info
    I’m Tamara and my son is 5 years old would love to travel to Ko Phangan
    please how the easiest and most convenient to reach from Bangkok, and where they might be placed, a bungalow, where they would have available raw foods?
    thank you