Colombian surprise

October 9, 2007
Topics: Colombia, Ecuador

you see how happy they make Not long ago we had two wonderful visitors: Angelica from Colombia, and Cedric from France. One evening we all went to a gallery of alternative art here in Cuenca. It is called “El Prohibido” (“Forbidden”), which at the same time is a bar, where you can chill comfortably on different styled couches (i.e. in a coffin), and drink a beer. This gallery-bar...[read more]

Hard black walnut

October 2, 2007
Topics: Ecuador, Health

Have you ever tried black walnut? It looks a bit like an ordinary walnut, but this one is really black and super hard. First time we heard about it one year ago in Guatemala, when Katja got diarrhea after brushing teethes with contaminated water. We found out that this walnut destroys the parasites in the intestine, and it really did after Katja treated her problem with pills made out of black walnut...[read more]

Our first earthquake

September 26, 2007
Topics: Ecuador

Yesterday night we experienced our first earthquake. We – us and two friends staying at our place – were already about to fall asleep, when the ground started moving, the bed jumping, and the walls shaking. We all ran fastly to the entrance door case, hoping it will save our four lives. Imagine, four guys standing in one door case… 😉 At the end, it was not too bad. It lasted only...[read more]

Wonders do happen

September 26, 2007
Topics: Colombia, Ecuador

Originally written for There we were, sitting for hours on the tollgate short before Neiva, Colombia. We spent the previous night already here. Something seemed to keep us from getting further. About once every hour we stopped a car, which was not going further than Neiva. After five hours waiting and no result, I spoke out of my feeling: “Let´s go to Ecuador!” Francisco...[read more]

Chile – our first acquaintance

September 17, 2007
Topics: Chile, Ecuador

Well, we are not yet in Chile 🙂 Our Chilean friend Sofia invited us to celebrate her country’s independance day together. Chile became free on the 18th of September, 1810. For this occasion, the honour council of this country in Cuenca invited local Chileans and their friends to a small fiesta. We bought a ticket for $7 which included 2 empanadas (traditional snack here and in Central...[read more]

No food for 3 weeks

September 10, 2007
Topics: Health

Believe it or not, we fasted for exactly three weeks. We started on August 14. During fasting we “ate” nothing else but tea made of special herbs, honey, and apple vinegar. Three weeks only drinking tea. No eating, nor drinking anything else. How it came and why front view In Cuba we met a Russian couple sailing around the world for 15 years in their self-made sailing boat ([read more]

Which one is more colorful: white or black?

September 3, 2007
Topics: Ecuador, Website

It is common to call non-white people as colored ones. At the time we visited Venezuela, in one of the shops we noticed an interesting souvenir – framed text with explanation, which makes you to think: who is actually colored – white or black man? Here is a translation of black man’s monolog: RACISM Dear white friend:Here are couple of things you should know. When I was born, I was...[read more]

Cuenca – crossroad of famous hitch-hikers

August 27, 2007
Topics: Ecuador

Agnese – a traveller from Latvia is a little bit known among community of hitch-hikers. She has just turned 27, was studying 2 subjects at university – music and economics, talented in managing different kinds of musical instruments, never worked in her live, and already travelled lots of countries, mostly by hitch-hiking.  She has even travelled alone in the countries of Middle East,...[read more]

multi-Media things

August 20, 2007
Topics: Website

Hi guys, *Those who are in Lithuania, you could buy the magazine “Kelioniu Magija” (the magic of travels) where you will find our second article with our adventures. *About a month ago in Colombia we started to prepare PowerPoint presentation about our trip. It is ready now and you are welcome to download it from: MB) Just start...[read more]

Colombian photos and our phone number ;D

August 14, 2007
Topics: Colombia, Ecuador

Hello, the photos of our trip through Colombia are online. Have a look here: We finally have got a telephone number, and would be happy to hear your voice: +593-88-438299 Don’t hesitate, just call! ;D (ps: always consider the time difference, especially if you call from anywhere else than the American continents) Greetings from Cuenca,Katja & Augustas [read more]