The Natural Way

May 13, 2008
Topics: Health, Peru

In Tacna we were staying with Oscar’s family, whom we got to know in Angoteros, on our trip along Rio Napo. Since it happened that his mom Nilce and me one evening were sitting alone in the kitchen, she asked me how do Augustas and I avoid pregnancy. Once I told her, she said, “I always prevented by the natural method.” I was interested how that works, and if it is a really save way...[read more]

Photos of Peru online!

April 26, 2008
Topics: Peru, Website

Hello friends, our photos from Peru are online! See how we spent our time in the jungle of Peru, and what we saw along Rio Napo, in Iquitos, Lima, and Tacna. Enjoy our world! Katja & Augustas [read more]

Details about our finances, expenses and equipment

April 25, 2008
Topics: Chile

Finally we have created an English FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on our page. You are welcome to read detailed reports about how can we finance our trip, what expenses we had in the last 2 years and what travel gear to we travel with. We are welcome to read all this here: Whenever we will have time we will prepare more articles for this section –...[read more]

Tips for hitch-hiking in developing countries

April 23, 2008
Topics: FAQ

Useful information about hitch-hiking in developing countries. These advices we wrote down from our own hitchhiking experience in Latin America and Africa. Avoid signs with your destination on it. That way you can talk yourself out of a ride from the beginning if you do not like a driver. Listen to your intuition. If you have a slightly uncomfortable feeling in the stomach about the driver, or any...[read more]

Three weeks in Lima and other news from March

April 17, 2008
Topics: Peru

In March we stayed 3 weeks in Lima – the capital of Peru. The main reason – Katja’s symptoms of unknown disease. First coughing, then spasms on the right and the left side… All started in Iquitos, right after I got cured malaria and finished with Dengue. We thought that postherpetic neuralgia got activated. Started to search for biomagnetism specialists. Unfortunately the only...[read more]

We are in Chile

April 15, 2008
Topics: Chile

When we got an idea that Katja’s 5 weeks bronchitis is caused by the pollution and contamination in Lima, we decided to escape this place as soon as possible. We bought night bus tickets to Arequipa (1030 km, 45 soles – 11€). Acting last minute in this city we tried to search for free accommodation online. One of members said “you are welcome in my place.”...[read more]

Our house in Iquitos

March 19, 2008
Topics: Peru

Originally written for For the last 4 weeks we stayed in Iquitos – world’s biggest city without road access – which is located in the middle of Peruvian jungle. Our main host was Pilar. This girl we got to know through Egle – a Lithuanian girl, which used to make a research about shamanism in the Peruvian jungle, and now is working on other projects and ideas...[read more]

Iquitos – city without cars

March 17, 2008
Topics: Peru

everywhere motocarros We will disappoint you – this entry is not about ecologically clean place. Iquitos – is a huge city without cars. Let’s try this. Close your eyes and come into the middle of any road. Open your eyes. In front of you – only motorcycles – isn’t it?  We repeat this exercise. The view is the same – only motos. Really, the existents...[read more]

Whom do Peruvians call monkeys?

March 8, 2008
Topics: Ecuador, Peru

In the house where we stay at the moment we noticed a “sensational” newspaper. We looked quickly through the news and our eyes caught a small message in the left bottom corner. “Mono manda a la basura a la OEA.” This could be translated as “Monkey sends OEA to the trash bin”. Here OEA (Organizacion de Estados Americanos) means Organization of American States, which...[read more]

Fotos of Ecuador online!

March 4, 2008
Topics: Ecuador, Website

Hello to all, the photos of our stay in Ecuador are finally online: Ecuadorian photo series Enjoy getting lost in our world! Katja & Augustas [read more]