Better don’t escape

August 7, 2008
Topics: Chile

Originally written for starting point in San Pedro for our trip to Salta, Argentina After San Pedro we needed a change. We have had enough desert, and were longing for green. Since Augustas got another website project, and Argentina is definitely a cheaper place to work in Internet cafes, we decided to head to Salta. We were lucky since two days after making a call on[read more]

Sand dunes in Concon, arriving to Santiago

August 3, 2008
Topics: Chile

Police orienteering hike in Concon dunes Our visit to the sand dunes in Concon last Thursday was great. It was a wonderful sunny day, and once on top we felt like in Sahara. Big, yellow, wavy sand dunes. From the top of them opens wonderful view at the sea, the beautiful city of Viña del Mar, and Concon town. As if we were angels appearing at the right time, we helped the...[read more]

Valparaiso – a cultural mixture of Peru and Berlin

July 31, 2008
Topics: Chile, Peru

camping in front of our truck driver We never had guessed that our trip to Valparaiso would cost us five hours waiting for our first ride in Coquimbo/La Serena. Finally we were brought 40km, and after a short waiting period we got our ride directly to Valparaiso (450 km). Our truck driver Christian made a night stop, which we used to camp ride in front of his truck on a paytoll. We arrived finally...[read more]

Visit to Elqui Valley

July 27, 2008
Topics: Chile

We spent two wonderful days in Elqui Valley (Valle de Elqui) in the small village of Horcon. Sergio and Lucy, whom we met in a handicraft village, invited us to camp in their garden. They live with their daughters (7 and 9) completely ecologicaly oriented in a house made of recycled material (old bottles, cartoon, wood). Sergio and Lucy grow their own vegetables and fruits 100% natural, live from the...[read more]

Expenses – all our travelling costs at a glance

July 23, 2008
Topics: FAQ

During the first year of travelling (13/01/2006 – 12/01/2007) we have spent $5200, which is about $7 per person per day. These expenses do not only include food, but also the digital Canon EOS camera ($500), which we have bought in the US online auctions, Katja’s visits to the doctors ($600, concerning her back problemish), one local flight in Mexico ($460, urgent matter)… In the...[read more]

Short news on our website

July 23, 2008
Topics: Website

Long time no news… We have noticed looong time ago that continiously writing full detailed stories about our trip in 3 languages (German, Lithuanian, English) and still to travel at the same time is almost impossible. Meanwhile a quick short notices from the road never found a place on our website. From today on we are introducing something new on our page – “Quick news from the road”....[read more]

Help us to build a school for Zambian orphans!

July 10, 2008
Topics: Projects

Us, Zambia, and new school Back in 2004 during our trips through Africa, in Lusaka (capital of Zambia) we both met pastor Ralph and his wife Agnes. They invited us to stay in Kalingalinga suburb with their relatives, and for a whole week we were taken care of in any possible way. Agnes and Ralph are humanitarians who work to improve livelihood conditions in Mutendere community, the biggest township...[read more]

Equipment – what do we carry with us

June 23, 2008
Topics: FAQ

The list would be too long, if we would mention all the stuff we have, so we will try to review just a couple basic things. Augustas is carrying a 75 liters Haglofs (Sweden) backpack “SEC 75“. When this bag is empty, it weights almost 3 kg, and when it is full, it reaches 20-25 Two times wider and more stable! kg. This weight includes 2-4 liters of water, a little bit of food (pasta,...[read more]

The Desert – What a surprise!

May 28, 2008
Topics: Chile

Originally written for For backpackers travelling without popular travel guides (e.g. “Lonely Planet”) or people like us, who usually do not know more than the currency rate of the country we are crossing the border of, the South of Peru and North of Chile can be quite a surprise. Comas district, the view we had right around the corner After hitch-hiking a plane out of...[read more]

Working in San Pedro de Atacama

May 14, 2008
Topics: Chile

Once we entered Chile a week ago we drew a sign “ANTARCTIDA”. It will lead us all the way through Chile, and will have it until we finally reach Antarctica. Last Sunday, when Chile was celebrating The Mother’s Day, we arrived to San Pedro de Atacama, probably one of the most expensive places of this country. The village basically survives only from tourism, because it...[read more]