How to make a coconut milk

March 28, 2006
Topics: Belize, Health

Movie related to this post: Making Coconut Milk (for dummies) During our stay in “The Last Resort” in Northern Belize we are learning new things every day. Trying vegetables and fruits we have never seen before, observing tropical animals (tarantulas, scorpions, etc). We will stay in the holiday resort for one more week or two, as we have to finish creating them a website and helping to...[read more]

Our first job!

March 15, 2006
Topics: Belize

Hi, it is us again after a long time of silence. Here are some short news ;D We are in Copper Bank, Belize, for already a week. We are staying in The Last Resort, a holiday resort with a few little houses and camping facilities. It is near Corozal, a village in the North of Belize. It seems like a little paradise situated directly on the Bay of Chetumal. Swimming is not possible here as the water is...[read more]

Travelling to the mountainous Chiapas (6-14 February)

March 4, 2006
Topics: Mexico

After an exciting weekend with the Mennonites we wanted something new, something we have not seen in Yucatan peninsula. We decided to have a look to the mountains in Chiapas state – about 400-500 km away from where we were. From Nueva Trinidad colony we took a small road to the South, direction Xpujil. There was almost no traffic, just 2-3 cars per hour. We managed to move slowly but surely!...[read more]

Mennonites – meeting people from the past (4-5 February)

March 4, 2006
Topics: Mexico

Once we visited a small park in Merida, where among all the Mexicans we noticed a strangely dressed family of white people. The man and the kid had the same dark blue trousers with suspenders, and bright shirts. The woman was wearing a dark brown old stylish dress and all of them were wearing hats. Katja immediately remembered that once she has heard about the German communities, which moved to USA...[read more]

Izamal, Mama and miracles in Ticul (2-3 February)

March 4, 2006
Topics: Mexico

We thought of a small village called Mama (70km south-east) being our next destination. But during our stay in Merida one girl suggested us to visit Izamal, where one may find a free to climb Mayan pyramid right in the middle of the town. Finally we decided to visit Izamal before we go towards Mama. It took us a while to get out of Merida, as we got out of the city bus about 2km earlier than we needed....[read more]

Pictures and health

March 1, 2006
Topics: Health, Mexico, Website

Hello friends, Sorry for such a long silence. We are still in Mexico. For the last 10 days we have been staying in the town called Playa del Carmen, which is 60km south from Cancun, where we have landed in the middle of January and started our journey. Two weeks ago we have been staying in Chiapas state, which is very close to Central Mexico. One day we’ve got to know that Augustas’ aunt...[read more]

Hammocks (January, 28-31)

February 23, 2006
Topics: Mexico

In Merida we stayed with Carlos, a member. We arrived on Sunday and supposed to meet him at 3pm near the Cathedral. Carlos knew we are coming by hitch-hiking and decided to check the meeting place earlier. His feeling was correct – we met Carlos in the market place two hours earlier than expected. The same day we have visited a photo exhibition, which reflected the real...[read more]

Hunting a tlacuache (January, 26-28)

February 23, 2006
Topics: Mexico

From Panaba we went to Dzilam de Bravo (71km) where we actually could have camped for a day on the beach. Unfortunately, the beach was very dirty and the surroundings reminded strongly the destruction the hurricane from October 2005 caused. Augustas anyway was not much happy to stay there as he felt it was too early to stop hitch-hiking for the day. Thus we continued and arrived at the end of the day...[read more]

We are in Palenque at the moment

February 11, 2006
Topics: Mexico

Two days ago we arrived to a very touristic place – Palenque. It is known for its Mayan ruins. Usually we try to avoid such places, but this time we got free accommodation in the center that provides medical service for the poor people from the church communities around Palenque. We are very sorry, that we are not very much up to date with our travel stories in English, but sometimes we are travelling...[read more]

Valladolid, Chichen Itza, Dzitas, Panaba (17-25 January)

January 31, 2006
Topics: Mexico

Hello, now we are already for 3 days staying in the capital of Yucatan province, Merida. We are staying with Carlos, a member, in the middle of Merida city. To the Zocolo, what is the central market place in Mexican cities, we need only about 5 minutes. We are here – like many other tourists – trying to find out more about Merida’s history and daily life. A more detailed...[read more]