We are starting life on a BOAT!!!

December 16, 2006
Topics: Mexico

YES YES YES!!! We found a boat which will fullfill our dream to sail through the Caribbean islands. Ok, story in short. On Friday we travelled about 350 km to the east coast of Yucatan peninsula with the dream to find a boat. At night we stayed in Puerto Morelos beach. This village is right in the middle between Cancun and rapidly growing holiday resort Playa del Carmen. By the local fishermen...[read more]

The rain of stars (December 9-14)

December 13, 2006
Topics: Mexico

On Saturday we left Cuernavaca in order to start searching for a boat to the Caribbean islands. After 4 days we found ourselves in the peninsula of Yucatan, where we started our Follow The Road Trip last January. It was a long way – about 1500 km. Accommodation in Veracruz... The first night we spent in Vercruz, in the high grass with advertising posters near the beach. We checked the...[read more]

We will search for a yacht to Caribbean islands

December 7, 2006
Topics: Mexico

Hello, Few days ago we finally received our long-waited Canon 350D digital camera after we bought it online in USA. We hope that from now on we will be publishing more photo-stories. Saturday morning we will head for Veracruz state in Mexico. Our aim is to celebrate Christmas in any of Caribbean islands. We want to search for a lift to the islands by a private yacht or any other kind of boat. Looking...[read more]

People in Mexico City

October 31, 2006
Topics: Mexico

Originally written for CoolWorks.com Is it true that Mexico City is one of the most dangerous cities in the world? To be honest, we do not know it. We can say that Mexico City is overcrowded with people and cars, full of smog, and busy, but somehow marvellous. Until now, we did not encounter any problems. In contrary, we met wonderful people over here. First, we stayed with my friend Katheryn,...[read more]

We are again in Mexico!

October 12, 2006
Topics: Mexico

Hello friends, We are in Mexico! 🙂 Yes, yes we made it through the border, even we were illegals in Guatemala for 6 months. We are in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, visiting HospitlityClub.org members. Among them – Kjell – brother of the founder of Hospitality Club founder Veit. We met Kjell 2 years ago in Lithuania, and it was nice to meet him again. Oh, the border crossing. Nothing...[read more]

Near the Mexican border

October 6, 2006
Topics: Guatemala

For two days we are already staying in Tejutla, a village North of San Marcos, which is not far from the Mexican border. We stay here with a family of eleven members. The door to it’s house is always open, people are coming and going the whole day long, which makes it difficult to us to figure out who belongs to the family and who does not. In a few days we will head towards the Mexican border....[read more]

Plan A did not work

September 24, 2006
Topics: Guatemala

Hi, We are in Guatemala City since last Friday. One of the most important missions here was to get entrance stamp into our passports in the Migration Office. Unfortunately they refused to give us a stamp since we have no Belize exit stamp. Now we will have to act according to the plan B 🙂 Meanwhile, the bacteries in Katja´s interstine got active again today, so most probably we will try to stay...[read more]

Broken carriage

September 17, 2006
Topics: Guatemala

Unwanted, but necessary, we arrived back to Coban Sunday night, three weeks after we left it. We were near Laguna Lachua, a big lagoon about 3-4 hours by car North from Coban, when suddenly the axle of my carriage broke. We could not do a single step without it. We were lucky to get 2 minutes later a ride straight to Coban. Here we were able to fix the carriage, which now looks a bit more stable. We...[read more]

Crossing an unofficial border from Belize to Guatemala (August 27)

September 11, 2006
Topics: Belize

All foreigners leaving Belize country are obliged to pay $18 US exit fee, which we wanted to avoid. We found out about an unofficial border crossing in Jalacte village in the South of Belize. From Jalacte it is still half an hour walk through muddy landscape. This we thought to manage despite the fact that I (Katja) cannot carry the backpack on my shoulders but instead have to use a carriage for transporting...[read more]

Barranco and long trip to Guatemala (August 25-26)

September 11, 2006
Topics: Belize

Friday, 25 August The sun was shining and the mood was good. We continued our trip to Barranco village. We got rides from one village to another, and the last 15 km we decided to cover by bus, which was passing by. Barranco in Spanish means “valley”. First people here moved few hundred years ago. Now this village has one of the oldest Garifuna communities in the country. Several years ago...[read more]