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December 13, 2010  
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We get magical feelings while being here in Australia. We really feel wonderful and uplifted. This is the best place for us to be at this moment. It is already 1 month since we are in Western Australia. Summer is starting here. Lots of flyers are promoting activities and products related to this part of the year. Actually, for us Europeans it is a bit unusual to see brochures  with a word “summer“, as in our minds it hardly associates with the month of December.

Christmas and New Year is approaching as fast as in Europe. The only difference that year 2011 will be welcomed 6-7 hours earlier. Most of the shops have different Christmas related decorations, however feeling of this magical time of the year is not as strong as we are used to have in Europe.

This time we want to share with you several observations and images from the kangaroo land or, as they call it here, Oz.

“Burger King” becomes “Hungry Jack’s”

While standing in front of such a restaurant for the first time we get a feeling that we see something familiar, but at the same time it is foreign. Wikipedia explains, that when Burger King came to Australia, they could not operate using their trademark as in Adelaide city there was already another food shop with the same name. The issue was solved by introducing the hungry Jack.


Flies that spread love

In Western Australia flies are identical to the ones in Europe. Just there is 1 difference – Australian ones kiss everyone without mercy.

IMG_1973 IMG_1980

Plastic bags without ads

It is usual here in supermarkets to get plastic bags for free. The same like in many developing countries. However, we were surprised that most of the bags do not have any advertisings nor logos of the shops (unlike in other countries we have been). So far we did not find out why it is so.

Crazy for surfing

If European child would be crazy about football or basketball, an Australian kid is talking mainly about surfing. Indeed, Australia is a perfect country for that, I guess.


Parrots in the parks

In most of the countries of Europe it is very common to see sparrows and pigeons in the parks. Here, in Oz, they are “replaced” by parrots. We grew up seeing these birds in the cages, so watching them in groups on the trees and park fields – being free as a bird should be – is still something we have to get used to.

IMG_1350 IMG_1355

One of our favorite parrots here is the one with a funny name “28”. Yes yes, exactly – “twenty eight”. We have no picture of it, so we are borrowing an image from the Internet. Sometimes one of these 28s visits our balcony, mumbles something, twists the head and flies away.

Barefoot walkers

People of Western Australia seem to be quite relaxed. Feels like there is only beach in their mind, nothing more :) We already got used to people walking barefoot anywhere in town (maybe 1 out of 15). In our countries it is considered in some way a “crazy” way to express yourself. Here locals simply enjoy that. And indeed, walking barefoot feels really wonderful.

Good news newspaper

Shops, shopping malls and many other public places have stands with free newspapers and magazines. I wonder how many people do subscribe to other printed media as the spectrum of different topics covered by free publications is quite wide. After looking at several free newspapers, we really liked the idea of the Good News paper called “Challange”.


From series “Made in China”

While the world is getting globalized and assimilated more and more, European products here in Australia are delivered by Asians.



Alright, yes, we have seen kangaroos. To be more precise we still see them. Every morning and afternoon they visit the golf course (for picking their grass and insects[?]), which is right in front of the house we are staying at the moment.

IMG_1891 IMG_1922 IMG_1921 IMG_1888


  1. Manca says:

    Well, Europe is closer to Santa, that’s why it feels more X-masy here:) Hope you’re enjoying!